Best Tower Fans for 2021 – (Buying Guide & Reviews)

As the globe is heating up, average day and night temperatures are gradually increasing in different regions of the world. As a result, people have turned to the help of electronics – some buy expensive cooling machines while some are content with fans, mostly Tower fans.

Though some people doubt if ordinary fans are enough to coup with excessive summer heat, hence they are confused which one they should buy. Not all ordinary fans are made to cool your room when it’s scorching heat outside, however, if you choose the right or Best Tower fans, you can fight the brutalness of such hot weather.

We know, by the end of reading the first para, most of our readers would be thinking ‘ Fair enough, I’m gonna buy a Tower Fan soon, but where can I find one and where I can have Tower fan reviews?’. Of course, you don’t want to squander your hard-earned cash without reading feedback from its current users.

If you are standing in the same shoes, don’t worry, because by the end of this post, you’ll have a comprehensive notion why tower fans are the best solution for you, and which Tower fan you should buy and where you can find the Best Tower fans.

List of 15 Best Tower Fans 2021

Let’s have a look at the Best Tower fans you can buy, sorted with respect to their quality, as per our ratings.

Image Products Details
Lasko T42951 - Best Tower Fan Lasko T42951 Speed Levels: 3Height: 43″Timer: 0.5 – 7.5 hours auto shut-off Footprint: 13” x 13” Check on Amazon
Honeywell QuietSet Honeywell HYF290B Speed Levels: 8Height: 32″Timer: 1,2,4 & 8 hours auto shut-off Dimming Feature: 5 lighting selections Check on Amazon
Dyson Cool AM07 Dyson Cool AM07 Speed Levels: 10Height: 39.6″Timer: 15 minutes of 9 hours auto shut-off Warranty: 2 years parts and labor warranty Check on Amazon
PELONIS 40 Inch Pelonis FZ10-10JRH Speed Levels: 3Height: 40″Timer: 8-hour programmed Noise Level: As low as 45 db. Check on Amazon
Seville Classics UltraSlimline 40 Inch Seville Classics EHF10119PB Speed Levels: 4Height: 40″Timer: 30 minutes of 7.5 hours auto shut-off Display: LED lit control panel Check on Amazon
Ozeri 3x Tower Fan 44 Inch Ozeri OZF3 Speed Levels: 9Height: 44″Timer: 30 minutes of 7.5 hours auto shut-off Thickness: Only 3” thick with 3 controllable fans Check on Amazon
Lasko 4930 Oscillating High Velocity Lasko 4930 Speed Levels: 3Height: 35″Timer: 1,2,4 & 8 hours auto shut-off Easy to Control: Wireless remote control and LED display Check on Amazon
Dyson Pure Cool, TP04 HEPA Air Purifier Dyson Pure Cool, TP04 Speed Levels: 10Height: 41.5″Oscillation: 45° – 350° Special Features: Wi-fi, ALEXA enabled, Dyson Link App & HEPA Filter Check on Amazon
Seville Classics UltraSlimline 40 Inch with Steel Intake Grill Seville Classics EHF10127B Speed Levels: 4Height: 40″Timer: 30 minutes of 7.5 hours auto shut-off Footprint: Less than 1 sq. ft. with 6.25 ft. cord Check on Amazon
Honeywell Fresh Breeze Honeywell HYF048 Speed Levels: 3Height: 32” or 40” (choose according to need)Timer: 1 – 12 hours auto shut-off Display: Electronic LCD Check on Amazon
Lasko 4924 High Velocity Blower Fan Lasko 4924 Speed Levels: 3Height: 30”Portability: Built-in carry handle included Safety: auto cut-off current upon detecting potential hazard Check on Amazon
Ozeri Ultra 42” Wind Adjustable Oscillating Noise Reduction Ozeri Ultra OZF1 Speed Levels: 3Height: 42”Timer: 1 – 12 hours auto shut-off Display: LED screen with light dimming night-mode Check on Amazon
Arctic Pro Digital Screen Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote Control Arctic-Pro 2103 Speed Levels: 3Height: 42”Timer: 1 – 12 hours auto shut-off Oscillation: 80° Check on Amazon
Lasko FH500 Fan & Space Heater Lasko Fan & Space Heater FH500 Speed Levels: 8 (4 fan speeds, 3 heat settings, 1 heat & fan combo)Height: 42”Timer: 8-hour Special Features: Fan + Heater combo, Built-in safety features Check on Amazon
Vornado 184 Whole Room Vornado FA1-0024-06 Speed Levels: 4Height: 41”Timer: 1,2,4 & 8 hours auto shut-off Airflow: 100 feet Check on Amazon

Lasko T42951

Lasko T42951 - Best Tower FanThe fan is enough to cover a spacious room, having ample strength to blow across the room. Despite the lack of central air, this fan can create excellent airflow making you feel cooler, equalling the job that you usually expect window AC units to do.

Unlike ordinary fans, this tower makes very little noise, thereby improving the quality of your sleep and the clam in your echo. Further, the fan is specifically designed to save maximum energy, and lower your electricity bills. Not to mention the timer programmer, yes, a timer programmer to set time of your tower fan. Just in case, you are moving out for a few hours, but you want your fan to keep blowing and maintaining the cool in your room. With it, you can instruct it to keep running from half an hour to seven and a half.

Ordinary fans can occupy extra space at times, but not this tower fan. Standing 43” tall with a small 13” x 13” footprint, this fan can be fitted into every room, in a small space. Even in humid weather and in big rooms, in less than 10 minutes this fan can change the temperature by blowing air at the right speed. Ideal for the dorm, kitchens and living rooms.

Moving on to the credibility factor, Lasko isn’t a small brand. They have been in the industry for well over than hundred years and can be trusted while buying their any product. Safety measures have been their top priority, hence their Tower fans come with Blue Plug safety fuse technology to ensure maximum safety.


  • Height: 43″
  • Foot print: 13” x 13”
  • Energy: consumes little power
  • Timer: 0.5-7.5 hours
  • Use: Can be used in offices, living room,etc


  • Less energy means less bill
  • Easily portable
  • Safe for any environment


  • Slightly expensive

Honeywell HYF290B

Honeywell QuietSetThis 8 speed Tower fan is very easy to assemble and you may not even require a screwdriver while assembling it – yeah, that’s how simple it is!

The fan is designed to work according to your needs and be a year-round fan because you can control its sound and cooling options. Furthermore, the soundless motion and blowing of air are hardly noticeable as the fan moves smoothly, creating a cosy environment, be it your day-time activities or peaceful sleep.

Without being overwhelming, while also staying just loud enough to drown out the disturbances of the night, an owl hooting at an odd hour, birds flying around, etc.The bright blue power light on top of this model is indeed dimmable and can be turned off while the fan is running.

Icing on the cake is its energy savings in your home as the fan’s internal structure is designed to blow maximum cool air with minimum consumption of energy, ultimately helping you to save bills. The remote control has 8-speed touch button controls, allowing you easy control of your fan, with storage in the back of the fan housing for keeping it.

Like in all modern and top quality Tower Fans, fused safety plug is one of its safety features specifically embedded in it to avoid any serious incident in case of short circuits and other unfortunate circumstances. To meet your preferences, the company has a range of tower fans, floor fans, and oscillating fans find one for every room in the house.


  • Remote control
  • Fused plug (for safety)
  • Remote control storage


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Very quiet
  • Nice design


  • Plasticky material, vulnerable to turning yellow after some time.

Dyson Cool AM07

Dyson Cool AM07Dyson fans are fast, energy-efficient and clean as they use patented Air Multiplier technology to create a stream of uninterrupted airflow without a fast-spinning blade. This makes these fans extremely safe – just in case you’ve kids at your home.

These fans pump the air up into the loop, then shoot it out with the same intensity. Even from several feet away, you can still feel the effect. The result could be at least about 2 degrees drop in temperature, which is not bad.

These fans also have a timer, which you can easily program to turn off after preset intervals (varying from fifteen minutes to nine hours), making it versatile for not only summer but in the beginning of winters when you may not mind little bit of cool air being blown in your room / office during the afternoon.

It will be unfair to not praise the versatile features that its remote control entails which is, it gives you choices of 10 precise airflow settings to let you adjust it according to your environment and current season.

The best bit is, you get 2-year parts and labour warranty if you buy it from an authorized reseller, just in case any small or big part of it catches a severe or trivial fault, making sure you don’t lose your hard-earned cash and make the most of it.


  • Remote control
  • 2-year parts warranty
  • Timer


  • Long-lasting
  • Noise-less
  • Suitable for small room/office


  • Trivial issues with the remote control

Pelonis FZ10-10JRH

PELONIS 40 InchThis 40’’ high fan can be your go-to choice if you don’t want to spend thousands on buying expensive air conditioners and other substitutes to cool your room. The fan barely makes any noise as it’s internal structure is designed to function smoothly and quietly. It produces a moist gush of air, not dry like most standard fans

Easy-to-use and equipped with LED display, you can control it with a versatile remote control, having all the necessary options nested in your hands to maintain and control the atmosphere of your room. Another perk is its removable back cover, which makes the cleaning process as quick and smooth as breeze. Operating on low noise levels around 45 db provides a sense of cosiness once you have hit the sack.

With its modern design, the fan can be a great decoration in your modern home without taking too much space, further ornamenting the look of your house. If you belong to the group of decor-conscious people who cringe on buying anything that is less stylish than their interior, this fan is something you would fancy.

For the sake of safety, its design is specifically devised to ensure the safety of your children – in the form of a fan grid. Moreover, there is built-in overheat protection, that automatically switches off the fan in the case of overheating, thereby preventing any financial loss or even more severe serious consequences. Despite all the necessary precautionary measures and features, Pelonis still offers a 1-year manufacturer warranty with your purchase of any product.


  • Fan length: 40′
  • Timer: up to 8 hours
  • Low noise: Around 45 db
  • Has a remote control


  • Stylish
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to assemble


  • Led lights may feel annoying to some.

Seville Classics EHF10119PB

Seville Classics UltraSlimline 40 InchWhile buying a tower fan, our top two aims are to buy the one which is not only less energy consuming but blows maximum air and if it is adjustable – that would be icing on the cake.

Anyway, the fan comes with 4 ultra-quiet speed settings High, Medium, Low, energy, and you can set your fan according to your preferences. The flexibility it offers by allowing you to adjust your environment by the right setting of your tower – from remote, sitting anywhere – is a unique feature in today’s tower fans and without this feature, we believe no fan can compete with the rest in the market of the same kind.

Like other products in this listicle, this fan too comes with a Timer, that allows you to program a shutdown any moment from 30 minutes to 7. 5 hours, easily adjustable with half an hour increments.

The remote control has decent features to play with, speed, timer, and on and off buttons. In a nutshell, you can say that this tower fan has all the features neatly on a sturdy remote, allowing you to change them at a safe distance from it. The remote control has up to 15 ft. of range, which is enough for you to operate it.

Moving to its design now, space-saving and takes up less than 1 sq. ft, which makes it suitable to be kept in all types of dorms, rooms and offices. Well-designed fans are those they can be easily fitted to even crammed rooms, and this slim, tall and less-space occupying is exactly the fan you’ll need in a similar case.


  • Remote control
  • Timer
  • Ultra-quiet speed settings
  • LED-lit control panel


  • Sturdy
  • Well-designed
  • Energy-saving


  • Vulnerable to small issues like fan noise after some time

Ozeri OZF3

Ozeri 3x Tower Fan 44 InchStarting from its heavy glass base to the display screen at its top, the fans seem to be an aesthetic piece of artwork. The fan hardly takes any space, due to its slimness, though it is high enough to blow cool air on you when you are sitting over a sofa or lying on the bed.

Upgraded with canted fan blades, the fan barely makes any noise. The physics of blade curvature opposes the sound waves to reduce blade noise, hence there are no screeching or other kinds of annoying noises to coup with when it runs. Three different fan-power-level feature lets you control the flow of air as per your comfort. At power level 1, there is almost no noise but delightful breeze – same goes for power 2 and power 3, in which one may hear little hum, perfect to cut unnecessary small noises from outside.

Like all modern tower fans, Ozeri 3x Tower Fan also has a remote control and touch-sensitive LED control panel which allows you to access all amazing features from the comfort of your sofa/bed, including a 7.5-hour timer that can be programmed in 30-minute increments. The timer function is not only for the user’s convenience, but also to save you from lofty electricity bills that are inevitable if you have an ordinary energy-consuming fan.

Another feature worth mentioning here is its tropical setting. Constant speed often seems to get one feel too cold and dry skin out The variation actually prevents the skin from being dried out and an occasional burst of speed to keep one comfortable.

Assembling a fan for some people can be a nightmare, not in this case. The fan is almost fully assembled, you simply have to slide it on to its beautiful glass base and tighten it in there with a nut. Though, we recommend you to read the full guide before inserting the battery.

Moving on to its design part, this tower fan is less than 3 inches thick and comprised of striking design with a stylish reinforced glass base stand.


  • Remote control
  • Timer
  • 3 controllable fans
  • Touch sensitive LED control pane


  • Sturdy
  • Slim
  • Versatile


  • Not suitable big rooms and dorms

Lasko 4930

Lasko 4930 Oscillating High VelocityTo get the maximum out of this fan, place it in the middle of the room and let it blow cool air until your room has cooled down.

The fan has 3 powerhouse speeds which give this fan the power of a high velocity. Don’t worry about the noise, on the low setting it’s manageable and barely noticeable when watching movies or playing games. Though if you keep it on high, it’s loud enough to be heard in a separate room with the door barely cracked open. We would recommend you to keep it in medium range. The fan has a barely visible black lever that can shoot the wind up or down, depending on where you want your aim.

To experience the best airflow, turn on oscillation and the fan will gently direct air side to side, allowing the air to distribute and cool. You can further adjust the Direct air up or down by using the directional louvres, adjusting it according to your comfort.

Wireless remote control with LED Display is two other fine features that are necessary to have to control a tower fan with ease. Manual control is often difficult because even for small changes, you have to walk to the fan and tune it as per your need. LED display makes it easy to see the options on it even when its dark.

The fan has a built-in timer that allows you to automatically shut the fan off after the selected time. You can choose from 1 hour to 2 or even 4 hours, by a single press of button and off you go! Once tuned, LED displays the selected time on it. Moreover, the fan comes almost assembled – all you have to do is take out the fan from the box, plug into a wall outlet and we’re done. Now you can couch down on your fluffy sofa/bed and enjoy the cool breeze.


  • Remote control
  • LED display
  • Timer
  • Direction louvers


  • Powerful
  • Less energy-consuming
  • Slim


  • Can’t cover big rooms
  • Fragile

Dyson Pure Cool, TP04

Dyson Pure Cool, TP04 HEPA Air PurifierAnother super-easy-to-assemble fan that will stabilize the temperature of your/office/dorm. But we still recommend reading the instructions before starting to assemble it – precaution is better!

The fan comes in excellent weight that lies at its base, so you can lift it easily. It senses pollution and allergens, captures them in a sealed HEPA activated carbon filter, and blows clean air around the room. The oscillation. Up to 350 degrees of oscillation directions the airflow where you need it. The best bit is, it is multi-functional i.e. tower fan and HEPA Air purifier. The backward airflow doesn’t purifies without cooling or heating you

The features can be used with the remote that comes with it and you don’t have to move out of your bed and fidget with the buttons to set it manually. Icing on the cake is the Dyson app that allows you to control your fan through your mobile phone; it has more functions some may find the app easier to use than the remote.

Automatic sensors let it Automatically sense & report air quality levels on LCD on air purifier; including all kinds of hazardous elements that could be part of your environment – ultrafine particles (PM2.5), allergens (PM10), etc.

Fascinated by voice recognition technology?

Yes, you can control this fan with your voice now. Alexa-enabled voice control lets you turn it on/off and even updates you on the indoor air quality so that you can adjust it accordingly.


  • Remote control
  • Timer
  • Voice control
  • Multi-functional (Tower Fan & HEPA Air Purifier)


  • Versatile
  • Sturdy
  • Effective for small rooms/offices


  • May lose its intensity with time

Seville Classics EHF10127B

Seville Classics UltraSlimline 40 Inch with Steel Intake GrillAnother very effective and useful tower fan, that is easy to assemble – no intricate details. The only tricky part with the fan is getting the AC cord correctly aligned with the appropriate slot in the base, and once you have experienced doing it, next time it would be a piece of cake for you. The product is sturdy and hefty. The build quality seems to be top-notch, and will definitely last longer if protected from bumps and falls.

No matter how hot is your city, this thing is capable of stabilizing your atmosphere with its 4 ultra-quiet speed settings:

If it’s hot, you may enjoy keeping it at high; likewise depending on your inhouse and outside temperature, you can adjust it accordingly. At the beginning of winter, during the daytime, when it’s neither too cold nor hot, you may prefer medium range settings. Not to worry about the noise, as the steel air intake grill is designed for high performance with maximum airflow and minimal air resistance so that you can enjoy the calm and noise-free environment with the gentle breeze being blown at you.

Other than that, rotation is solid and capable of covering small rooms, with its space-saving compact design that takes less than 1 sq ft – yeah, it can fit in even the smallest of rooms.

You can save a significant amount of energy and avoid hefty bills by using its programmable shutdown from 30 minutes to 7.5 hours, and one-push LED lighted control makes operating the whole thing extremely easy. With its 2 batteries, LCD remote control is a pretty good feature of the whole thing, allowing you to configure things easily.


  • LCD Remote control
  • Timer
  • Ultra-quiet speed settings
  • 275 CFM
  • Stylish


  • Sturdy
  • Smooth/noiseless
  • Slim


  • Motor-life is small

Honeywell HYF048

Honeywell Fresh BreezeThis Digital tower fan has come as an improved version of its previous model, with a comparatively easy-to-assemble-structure – you can easily thread the power cord through a particular part of the base to make sure it sits flat. Moreover, the assembly doesn’t need any extra tool and despite its intricate structure, the fan seems to be sturdy enough to survive a few odd bumps or small falls here and there.

The Honeywell 3-speed digital tower fan with ionizer is enough to blow a spring-like breeze around your home and keeping it well below the temperature outside in summer. It also has a programmable shut-off function, that will help you to minimize your use of energy, thereby reducing your monthly bills. Its electronic LCD display makes it easy to operate as all options are clearly visible and each change is shown on the LCD if you apply any. To improve the quality of your sleep, there aren’t any flashlights at the front of the fan, so one is not distracted by the flashes of light at night, while it is running.

Even the ‘low’ setting moves it at a decent speed and produces a little bit of noise, but that noise isn’t loud enough to disturb your sleep. In fact, sometimes, these kinds of steady noises blow away annoying noises from outside. Like in all modern tower fans, this too has a remote control that allows you to control it from your favourite spot. Further, the thermostat turns off on its own, which is a good feature to have for minimizing the electricity bill.

To get the maximum benefit, we look for fans that can cover the entire room and blow the air equally. The fan has an oscillation action that ensures great distribution of air all around the area, given that the fan is kept at the right place – preferable in the centre of the room.

After continuously running for hours in the summer, fans do need a little bit of maintenance. And for this purpose, this fan has a washable air filter that removes the dust and prolongs its life span.


  • Timer
  • Remote control
  • 3-speed options


  • Slim
  • Sturdy
  • Takes less energy


  • Can’t cool big rooms
  • Can be a little noisy

Lasko 4924

Lasko 4924 High Velocity Blower FanThis fan comes with a built-in carry handle – which is, I must say, a very effective feature to have in your tower fan. Being able to easily carry a tower fan from one place to another is such a luxury because you can use it from one room to another after the first one has been cooled. The best part is there is no hard assembling. It comes assembled in a box – just plug into the socket and enjoy the cool breeze.

Its sleek design is worth mentioning here. Obviously, we all prefer such electronic items that cover less space and do more work. This fan has a sleek and sophisticated design, neither like a decoration piece nor like a washing machine. All in all, you won’t mind having such fans sitting alongside your well-decorated room as the fan itself looks elegant.

Now the most important aspect to evaluate a fan – how much noise does it make? Well, there is a little bit of noise when the blades move, but thankfully it isn’t annoying. Some people tend to use noise machines to improve their sleep, and this fan may do the same job for you if you enjoy soothing sound while sleeping. The sound may vary from the mode you have set in – Low, medium, and high speeds.

Safety measures have been embedded into it which ensure maximum protection. In case of any electrical fault, the fuse in the plug of the power cord will cut off electrical current to the fan, and any unfortunate incident can be avoided.


  • Hand carry handle
  • 3 power speeds
  • Blue plug (Safety measure)


  • Portable
  • Sturdy


  • Plastic blades
  • Can be noisy
  • Big in size

Ozeri Ultra OZF1

Ozeri Ultra 42” Wind Adjustable Oscillating Noise ReductionThis fan has a stylish and sophisticated design, not to mention its slimness which makes it suitable even if you have very little space in your room to keep it. The problem with hefty fans is they blow a tremendous amount of air around the area, but they occupy a significant amount of space. So, if you are looking for a slim and fast fan to cool your room in summer, this could be your fan for it! Best for office environment and even for formal gatherings if you are inclined to use them instead of chillers.

The internal structure of this fan is designed in such a way to minimize the noise when it runs, while the velocity remains fast to ensure maximum distribution of air across the area. Further, this fan comes with three airflow patterns and you can set the pattern which is suitable for the weather, environment and time of the day. 90-degree oscillation ensures maximum blowing of air around the room.

While some people complain about the annoying light on LED screen, this fan’s LED screen has a night dimming mode. To enable the night dimming mode, hold the mode button on the fan for about 2 to 3 seconds, and the bright display will disappear, leaving only the dim moon and star icon.

A remote control is an essential feature to have in any tower fan, otherwise, you will become sick of moving out of your bed/sofa to make small adjustments in your fan manually. This fan has a 12-hour timer, so you can set the timer with one-hour increment, not having to wake up in the middle of the night just to turn it off.

The fan is pretty easy to assemble, just put together the base of the fan and you are ready to go. Though if you use the height extender, you may need to use Phillips head to secure it. Make sure you fix the base well, otherwise it may wobble a bit.


  • Remote control
  • Timer
  • Height extender
  • Stylish design


  • Cost-effective
  • Versatile (apt for office/rooms)


  • Delicate

Arctic-Pro 2103

Arctic Pro Digital Screen Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote ControlThis fan has a temperature reading feature, which allows you to keep a check on the room’s temperature. While your fan is running, you can check the drop in room’s temperature due to the air blown by the fan and if the set speed is slow, you may increase it or vice versa.

Considering the sudden change in climate and uncertain winters and summers, fans have to be flexible today. This fan has three different modes : Sleep mode, Nature wind, and Normal wind Mode which can be adjusted according to the temperature and area of the room.

Like few tower fans mentioned in the list, this fan too has a remote control feature to let you operate it with ease and comfort. Though it doesn’t have a remote-storage area at the back, instead you can place it at its top and access it whenever you need to. To use the remote, you’ll need 2 AAA batteries, which come as part of the package.

With its night mode feature, one can turn off the screen to enjoy a peaceful sleep at night, and Timer Function at their disposal to turn off the fan automatically at any chosen moment, preventing excessive use of energy and temperature from going too low. The timer is programmed to be set for up to 12 hours – when to turn on/off the fan anytime between it.

Moreover, assembling this fan is quite simple. All you have to do is to assemble the base to the tower, which requires a Phillips screwdriver. We still recommend you to read the instruction book before assembling to avoid inflicting any harm to your fan while assembling.


  • Remote control
  • Timer
  • Night mode


  • Slim
  • Sturdy
  • Tall


  • Flimsy base

Lasko Fan & Space Heater FH500

Lasko FH500 Fan & Space HeaterThis fan is a two-in-one combo i.e. fan + heater. The unit is capable of producing ample heat for a room-sized around 16 x 12 and can throw plenty of air around the room when needed. The 1500 watt ceramic heater with a fan in four different speeds, the oscillator tower seems to be an ideal solution for indoor use – be it summer, winter or any season. In nippy winter days, it will keep your room warm and heated, while during summer its air circulation will keep your room’s temperature under control.

Accommodating a fan and heater in the same room can be difficult and takes too much space. This fan can be a real space saver for you with a small 13” x 13” footprint. You need a very little amount of free space to place it where it can throw cool air on your face in summer and heat the room in chilly winter. The fan is sized appropriately to blow air over a high bed when you are asleep or can be placed in the centre when it is supposed to cover the entire room.

Moreover, the fan is energy-efficient – thanks to its adjustable digital thermostat and 8-hr programmable timer which enables you to save maximum energy by turning it on/off automatically.

The unit is accompanied with all modern features – LCD screen on its face is one of them. Moreover, for people with weak vision, there’s another LCD screen on the remote to make instant changes in the temperature accordingly, without having to walk to the fan to make small changes.

The tower fan is pretty lightweight with a built-in carry handle enabling the easy room to room portability of the fan, thereby allowing you to use it in multiple places to cool down the entire house.


  • Fan + Heater
  • Remote Control
  • Timer
  • Built-in carry handle
  • Safety switch


  • Easily portable
  • Slim
  • Easy to assemble


  • LED lights can be too bright
  • Can melt plastic/things in contact

Vornado FA1-0024-06

Vornado 184 Whole RoomPoint to be noted: This fan is specifically built to meet the voltage requirements in the US, therefore may not be appropriate to use in other countries.

The fan is quite easy to assemble. You’ll find four screws in the pack to manually assemble the base – make sure you do it properly otherwise your fan might wobble while running.

This fan has four-speed settings so that you can run it on different modes, depending on the temperature of your room and your preferences. As far as the noise is concerned, it is normally quiet while running. Though on the highest, the noise may be audible but not annoying. If you check the air being blown on different speeds, you would be surprised to find out that even on the lowest setting, it still moves a decent amount of air.

By using its Timer, you can program the fan to be closed at any moment in the next 8 hours, while the LED display makes the design sophisticated and operability easy.

The tower fan is trust-worthy and credible as it is backed by a 5-year warranty, making it a long-term solution for you. However, this fan must be handled with great care and should be cleaned regularly, otherwise, the fan may not work as effectively after some time as it did at the start.


  • Timer
  • Led
  • 4-speed settings


  • Sturdy
  • Long-lasting


  • Requires regular cleaning

Why You Should Choose Tower fans Instead of Other fans

So now, we have seen the features of some of the finest Tower fans that you could purchase to coup with scorching heat conditions that may occur in summer or to enjoy a gentle breeze on your face during winter. A Tower fan with versatile features and warranty can be a long-term companion and may turn out to be a better option than other fans like ceiling fans, box fans, etc.

There are many reasons to choose Tower fans over other types of fans. The primary reason is tower fans are slim and occupy very little space. And that makes them easily portable.

Let’s say, you have a tight budget and you want to buy a fan that you could move into multiple rooms in your home, at different times. Of course, you can’t carry a ceiling fan into another room, as it is always installed and uninstalled by professionals. Same goes for the chillers and AC – not to mention their expensive prices.

Moreover, Tower fans are comparatively light in weight than other fans. Pedestal fans are portable, but man, they are heavy. You can’t even drag them from one room to another, forget about carrying, as in the case of Tower fans that can be easily moved.

Have a look at the broad comparison between Tower fans and other cooling devices:

Fan Type Portability Type of Use Price Energy Consumption
Tower fan Portable Small to medium rooms $30 – $500 Around 50-100 watts per hour
Ceiling fan Not portable Small to medium rooms $50 – $500 50-75 watts
Box fan Portable but with difficulty Small to medium size rooms Goes up to $200 Around 100 watts
Table fan Portable For personal use Goes up to $100 Around 45 watts
Wall fan Not portable For small to big rooms $40 – $500 Around 100 watts
Floor fan Portable For personal use $50- $150 Around 100 watts
Air conditioner Not portable To cover big and small rooms $400- $2000 3000-5000 watts per hour
Air cooler Portable but difficult to move around For small and medium rooms $120 – $700 Around 130 watts per hour
Air circulator Portable Best for personal use $20 – $80 Around 50 watts per hour
Air Purifier Difficult to move around For small to big rooms $90- $400 Around 50 watts per hour
Pedestal fan Difficult to move around For small to big rooms $40- $300 Around 50-60 watts per hour

There are many perks of choosing a Tower fan over ceiling fans and air conditioners. For a thorough comparison in terms of their electricity consumption, type of use and price, we have compared each type of fan with a tower fan in a separate article “Tower fan comparison with other fans”.

Benefits of Tower Fans

Even a simple Tower fan offers a plethora of benefits, be it its portability due to its light weightiness or safety of kids and pets in your home, the benefits of Tower fans cannot be covered in a single blog. In fact, we have covered all the benefits of a Tower fan in detail in a separate blog. Click here to read.

Tower fans are Portable

Although many other fans like window fans, box fans and few other portable fans are available in the market, most of those easily-portable fans are not as effective and powerful as a Tower fan can be. Pedestal fans are considered to be a good option to cover big rooms, however, they are difficult to carry from one room to another as they are heavy in weight and tall.

Being able to use one fan in multiple rooms is a luxury, especially when you have an energy-efficient fan like a Tower fan. Other small-in-size fans like Tower fans are not versatile and may only be appropriate for personal use only, this is where Tower fans are a step ahead. They are not only easily portable but capable of covering small and medium-size rooms (depending on the power of the Tower fan you buy).

Tower fans are Safe

Tower fans are considered very safe since they stand straight and their fan is well-covered, so there is no chance of anyone getting their fingers chopped off – pets and kids in particular. Unlike ceiling fans, which have to be installed by professionals and one has to be cautious while connecting them to the wires coming through the ceilings, slightest of mistakes in installation can result in a short circuit or other serious consequences.

Tower fans, on the other hand, are easy to assemble and to further enhance the safety of the user, modern Tower fans are equipped with such features that automatically turn off the machine in case of spark or short circuit and the machine will be saved from further damage to other parts.

Tower Fans are for All Seasons

Yes, you heard it right. Tower fans are for all seasons, be it the middle of summer heatwave season or winter, little bit of air around the rooms always feels pleasant. Almost all tower fans have 3-4 speed modes, that allows you to adjust your tower fan according to your preferences and weather outside.

Tower fans are Stylish

A few of the Tower fans we reviewed above, are not only energy-efficient and noise-less but also elegant and stylish. Ceiling fans, Air conditioners and other cooling devices are hard to hide from the aesthetics of your room, however, Tower fans are available in different styles and colours, which can make a good match with your room’s furniture and surroundings.

Tower Fans Buyer’s Guide

How to Choose a Tower Fan?

With a few Tower Fans being reviewed above, now it’s time to dig a little deeper and find out more about Tower Fans. So, you saw the features, pros and cons of 15 Best Tower Fans in the detailed reviews above, let’s say you are going to the market to buy a Tower fan or buying online to cool your office/bedroom/kitchen in summer, how will you evaluate the quality of a Tower Fan?

It is sensible to do proper research before buying a certain product to see if the product you are buying is worth it or else you may end up wasting your hard-earned cash for nothing.

Tower Fans of different companies entail different features. While buying a Tower fan, one should check the space it covers, weight, warranty and so forth. A person with a tight budget may buy a remote-less fan. Similarly, a person with a handsome budget may choose a fan with luxuries. Many of you will look for a posh-design Fan (you can see a few in the list above), while some will look for a Tower fan that encompasses sturdy material and is cost-effective as well.

One thing worth mentioning here is the fact that ‘ You get what you pay for’. You can buy a decent Tower Fan in less budget if you are ready to compromise a few features. In some instances, the compromised feature could be design, slimness or even remote control. We recommend you to have a look at the tower fans reviewed above.

Similarly, even if you have a handsome budget, you must not throw your cash at any random product without checking its reviews and considering other features that we discuss below.

A lot of people complain that their Tower Fan’s battery died a week after buying it. Likewise, some people face noise problems after some time – odd rattling noises that blades of ordinary and faulty Tower Fans produce.

We, therefore, recommend that you must read the guide thoroughly to avoid being caught in such a situation. Below are some of the factors that one should consider before buying a Tower Fan.


The first thing to see in a Tower Fan is the material it is made of.

Make sure you buy the Tower Fan made of sturdy material. Tower fans are lightweight because they are made of plastic and that makes them easily portable. Have a good look at the plastic and check the quality of plastic. If the plastic is of poor quality, your Tower fan will not last long.

Poor quality plastic can be easily damaged and damaged plastic will eventually harm the internal structure of your Tower fan. Hence, only buy Tower fans that seem to be made of quality plastic.


Tower fans are available in different sizes and the buyer can easily choose the one that meets his preferences. Some people prefer to buy slim and height-adjustable Tower fans that can easily sit anywhere in their small room/office.

While those who buy for bigger rooms may choose to buy big Tower fans capable of blowing air in a large room.

Thus, choose the right tower fan while buying; one that could fit into your place and meet your objectives.


While choosing a Tower fan for your home/office, make sure you choose a light-weight fan, otherwise it will be difficult for you to carry it from one room to another. The excessive weight could be because of the mediocre quality of material used.

However, light-weightness doesn’t mean a fan should be a fragile one. In fact, many sturdy and durable Tower fans of famous brands are made of quality material that feels light but nevertheless, are quite strong. Plastic-made Tower fans have been reviewed as more efficient and light in weight as compared to metal made.

Moreover, while buying online, you can also check the weight and height of the Tower fan to ascertain if its weight is bearable for you or not, to avoid any misconvenience.


Though Tower fans prove to be much cheaper than other cooling devices, they still cost a significant amount of money.

It’s in our nature to prefer buying from trustworthy companies that sell products with a lifetime or at least a year warranty, and we also recommend you to buy fans with warranty.

Obviously, Tower fans with warranty have a slightly higher cost than the ones that entail no warranty, but your preference should be buying the one with minimum 1-year warranty.

If you opt to buy a cheap fan with no warranty, you may end up losing the cash you saved by not buying a little expensive but long-lasting fan.


Once you are sure that the Tower fan you have chosen is made of quality material, is light in weight, and has exactly the size you want, now you can inspect the other important features like oscillation.

Always buy fans that can oscillate left and right, and when needed (like in night time, for personal use) can be fixed at one position to enjoy the maximum amount of air blown by it.

Although most of the fans have been reported to have this feature set appropriately, our advice is to check out the oscillatory features of a fan before buying it to ascertain that it meets your preferences.


Noise has been the most frequently reported problem in Tower fans and even some top companies’ fans have been badly reviewed by users for producing rattling noises after a month or so of use.

This is a problem that can occur and will never be 100% solved. Among thousands of fans, you can expect one or two to have minor issues, could be because of minor damage inflicted during production or transportation.

The thing is, if you buy a fan with a warranty, you may not face this problem. Or even if any technical fault occurs, the company will fix the fault or give you a new piece.

Moreover, buy only those Tower fans that have been reported to produce minimal noise, and exudes a sense of comfort while running.


Alright, you buy a Tower fan because you want to have a cooling machine that is portable, and therefore can be used in different rooms – not in case of AC and chillers.

What if the Tower fan you have purchased is too heavy to carry from one room to another? Particularly those tower fans made of heavy material are quite difficult to lift because of their weight.

We recommend you to buy only those Tower fans that have a much-needed feature of a built-in carry handle to carry your fan easily from one place to another, without any extra effort or dragging.

Different Types of Tower Fans

Tower fans with Remote Control

Keeping user’s comfort in mind, almost all the companies now sell Tower fans with a luxury of remote control at user’s disposal to operate it from anywhere. However, some Tower fans still don’t have a remote control or mobile app to operate them.

The common options nested on the remote control of a Tower fan are Timer, On/Off, Speed modes (may vary from one Tower fan to another of a different company), and some even have an option to check the current temperature of the room.

Compared to remote-less Tower fans, the price of Tower fans that come with a remote, can be slightly high.

Tower fans with Timer

Well, who doesn’t want to minimize his electricity bills and save the Earth’s environment altogether by using such electronics at home which consume less energy and work efficiently?

With a programmable timer in a Tower fan, you can program it to turn off anytime at its own, even if you are away or busy with house chores. In this way, a Tower fan can be your best choice to not only cool your dorm/office but minimize the use of electricity alongside.

Tower fans With Ionizer, Air purifier and Filter

To enhance the cooling ability and purity of air, almost all modern Tower fans have an ionizer, air purifier and a filter. The main objective of these components is to blow a sufficient amount of not only cool but clean air to avoid any harmful effect of it on people’s health.

We recommend you to buy only those Tower fans that have these features, and make sure you clean the filter weekly/monthly to enjoy the best results. Uncleaned filters will mar the quality of air and ultimately affect your health.

We have researched out a list of Best Tower Fans with Air Purifier. Click here to view.

Tower fans with Heater

As you have seen above, Tower fans for dual purpose (fan + heater) are also available in the market. These units have been reviewed to be very effective in cooling and heating, equally. In summer, they can blow the cool around your room, while in winter they will keep your place warm.

Though the price of these fans is substantially higher than mere cooling fans, they can save your extra space and upon crunching prices of a separate fan and a tower, their price can be justified.

Click here to see the complete list of Best Tower Fans with Heaters.

Tower fans with Temperature control

Another unique feature that’s been introduced in the latest Tower fans. The idea behind it is to give room temperature insight to the user, who may then adjust the speed of the fan based on at what speed he feels comfortable.

In such parts of the world where people experience extreme weather in both summer and winter, this feature would come very handy along with the fan to learn about the current temperature and set the mode of fan accordingly.

Tower fans with Wifi

Yes, you read it right. Tower fans with wifi!

As the world is moving towards AI, and programming languages enabling automation of tasks, Tower fans can be controlled via Wifi now.

This is a mind-boggling feature, as you can instruct your fan anytime to start cooling or stop cooling while you’re outside or from another room, without having to use the remote control.

Moreover, if you live alone and you want your fan to start cooling your room half an hour before you return from work, only Wifi-enabled fans can provide such luxury.

Tower Fans with Bluetooth

Our cellphones are pretty much a part of our body now, and rarely do we leave them away from us. Moreover, with companies working on different Apps to control electronic devices, there are tower fans available in the market controllable not only via Wifi but also from Bluetooth.

The perk of having a via Bluetooth/App controllable Tower fan is you can use your phone as a substitute for the remote control.

Tower Fans with USB

The motive behind every new feature and innovation is ‘ user convenience’. Some Tower fan can now be connected to a PC or laptop via USB, (yes, you don’t need to plug it into the socket) because it requires a very little amount of current to operate.

Moreover, these are the Tower fans you can carry with yourself anywhere, even on a bus while travelling if you’ve got a laptop with you, and your fan will run alongside your laptop.

Rechargeable Tower fans

Rechargeable Tower fans are the ones that don’t need a live supply of electricity to run because they have long-lasting batteries. These Tower fans are very handy because if fully charged, they will blow cool air in your room for 6-8 hours, easily.

Moreover, you can carry these fans with you in small journeys in which they will provide much needed fresh and cool air, for a long duration. If you are a regular traveller or live in a town where electricity breakdowns are frequent, a rechargeable Tower fan is worth buying.

Bladeless Tower fan

Among different types of Tower fans available in the market, Bladeless Tower fans are more secure and immune to noise problems that may occur due to ordinary blades in other Tower fans. Bladeless Tower fans occupy very little space and are hardly noticeable in a room, in fact, some may mistake them as a hair drying like or another small device.

If you have a toddler or toddlers in your family, and you are reluctant to buy a blade bearing Tower fan, now Bladeless Tower fans are here at your disposal.

See: Best Bladeless Tower Fans 2021

Different types of Tower fans According to Use

Though we have given you a general but detailed overview of different types of Tower fans available in the market, we believe demonstrating further that which Tower may be appropriate for you according to your use may prove helpful for you while choosing the Tower fan:

Tower fan for Office

While choosing the Tower fan for the office, your first priority should be its slimness and design. In the office environment, every aspect of the Tower fan you are buying matters – including its speed. For a corporate environment, an ideal Tower fan would be slim, lightweight, elegant and fast. And of course, you need a Remote control as well.

Tower fan for Warehouse

Unlike the office environment, expensive and stylish Tower fans are not suitable for a warehouse – where their elegant design might not last long. However, in this case, you need a fan that can cover a large area and perfectly distribute air all around. Likewise, there’s no need of a timer and remote control, but a sturdy and tall fan that can survive a few odd bumps (bound to happen in a warehouse).

Tower fan for Home

Tower fans are the most suitable for homes because they are easy to carry. While buying a Tower fan for home, make sure it has a built-in carry handle, its weight is light, its design is compatible with your furniture and most importantly, it has a timer and remote control as Tower fans have a versatile use at homes as compared to offices and warehouses.

Tower fan for Bathroom

Sounds odd but Tower fans can be used in bathrooms as well. If you have the same intentions, then make sure its features and design are apt for its use in the bathroom. Only a slim Tower fan can sit in the bathroom. Moreover, the Tower fan must be waterproof or else you’ll have to keep it at a considerable height, and it may not make much difference from there.

Tower fan for Kitchen

Any Tower fan that you find suitable for rooms can be used in a kitchen as well. However, if you are buying one for the kitchen’s use only, you can compromise a few features – if they save you some money. For example, the Tower fan you buy for rooms/lounges are of aesthetic design and therefore expensive, while in this case, you can buy a simple but sturdy Tower fan at a slightly lower price. Moreover, neither remote control nor a timer is necessary here.

Tower fan for Indoor use

Almost all types of fans that we discussed above can be used indoors. The best thing is, options for indoor use are in plethora. Varying from simple remote-less fans to fans with a timer and thermostat, you can pick any fan that is sturdy and comes in your budget.

Tower fan for Outdoor use

Compared to indoor fans, outdoor fans have to be more sturdy and must entail water-proof features, as outdoor fans are bound to face severe weather in exceptional circumstances.

Best Tower Fan Brands

I assume you have learnt all about the different types of Tower fans available in the market, and which one may prove to be appropriate for your use (indoor, outdoor, office, etc). Apart from features, the quality of Tower fans (in terms of weight, sturdiness, lifespan) may vary from brand to brand, like you experience when you buy the same product but of different brands.

There are Tower fans available of different brands, and you must have noticed how their prices vary from one to each other. In the end, it all boils down to the quality that one brand offers at a comparatively higher price than the other brand, which sells the same Tower fan at less price but of low quality.

From Lasko to Dyson, and Ozeri to Vornado, there are quite a few brands known for manufacturing and selling top-notch quality Tower fans. More or less, Tower fans of all these brands have the same features, but their prices vary, so as the quality.

However, we believe its the quality that most of our audience seeks, therefore, for your ease, we have ranked different brands, in terms of the quality of their Tower fans:


Lasko is an American company, been around for more than 25 years, not only dealing in Tower fans but also heaters, other types of fans, air purifiers and their accessories. Lasko is one of the best brands when we talk about the best Tower fan manufacturers. It is considered as a credible brand to buy long-lasting Tower fans.

With growing competition, Lasko has continuously improved the quality of fans to maintain its dominance in the market, in its working niche. Lasko has been providing versatile solutions for decades in different forms, by constantly improving its products. Though Lasko is a very famous brand and is known for making luxurious Tower fans, at the same time it has fans with fewer features and at lower prices. That’s why Lasko has been dominant in the market for years and still growing.

Lasko T42951 and Lasko 4930 have been reviewed by us as the best Tower fans available in the market with magical features, based on modern technology. Lasko fans are secure, energy-efficient and available at different prices for users with varying use and preferences.


Formed by Sir James Dyson, Dyson is a British technology company based in the United Kingdom. The company is known for producing top-notch household appliances such as Vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, hand dryers, heaters, bladeless fans, etc. The company has been around for almost 29 years and is still growing. As of February, Dyson was reported to have a thousand dozens of employees worldwide, working in different regions in the same niche.

The company has production units in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, and after establishing the base in the UK, it has gradually evolved to work on more solution-driving ideas based on the needs of not only British or American but Asian countries as well.

Dyson Cool (AM07) – 63456-01 and Dyson Pure Cool (TP04) – 310123-01 are also included above in our list of ‘Best Tower fans’.

Other Top Dyson Fans have been reviewed in detail including their mesmerizing features in our blog ‘Best Dyson Tower fans’.


Honeywell International Inc. is a publicly-traded conglomerate based in the United States. The company is known for producing commercial products and rendering Engineering services including aerospace systems. Back in 2018, in the Fortune 500, the company was ranked 77 (best revenue-generating companies in the USA) with a workforce of around 110,000 employees, all around the world.

Honeywell is known for producing fine quality and versatile Tower fans for different uses, and is not limited to it. The company takes pride in manufacturing and selling similar electronic products like heaters, air coolers, air conditioners, LED light bulbs, generators, accessories and the list goes on.

Honeywell Tower fans have been used in thousands of offices, bedrooms, and have proved to be durable and efficient. The brand sits at the third spot (only in terms of the quality of Tower fans) in our rankings. Honeywell HYF048 and Honeywell HYF290B have been discussed in detail (features, pros and cons) in our list of ‘best Tower fans’ at the top. Fans made by Honeywell come with remote control, Timer, and other modern features entailing more benefits.

Seville Classics

Headquartered in California, Seville Classics has been around for 40 years and is still growing, not only in one niche but the brand deals in different products. Be it Tower fans or house furniture including shelves, tables, shoe racks, etc, Seville Classics provide trust-worthy products. Seville Classics’s Tower fans are stylish in design, as its other products.

The company has been gradually expanding as it now has sales and support offices in countries like Hong Kong and Vancouver to help its customers and improve the quality of services. Hence, the brand is getting famous outside the USA as well.

The company has produced fine quality Tower fans with remote control, timer and LED. Fans made by Serville Classics have perfect oscillatory setting for impeccable flow of air. Seville Classics 10119PB and Seville Classics EHF10127B have been our recommended Tower fans due to their flexibility and noise-less operation.

Moreover, Seville Tower fan is available at different prices, allowing people with different budgets to enjoy its magical features and fresh breeze.


Pelonis specializes in all types of fans and blowers including AC fans, DC fans, micro fans, frameless fans, AC blowers, DC blowers and their accessories. Unlike other brands mentioned above, Pelonis doesn’t have a vast variety of products but that doesn’t imply the company isn’t credible. In fact, companies that deal in one single niche often render quick and efficient services with better quality.

When it comes to versatility, Pelonis manufactured fans come in different sizes and with different features, including remote control, LED and built-in overheat protection. The Pelonis-made fans have received satisfactory reviews from its users, as they are found slim and powerful.

Pelonis FZ10-10JRH is reviewed as the 4th best Tower fan in our list. The fan is reviewed as noiseless, energy-efficient and most importantly, less space occupying.


Ozeri’s fans are available in different prices, varying with respect to features, size and design. Ozeri is a famous brand in lifestyle products, accessories, kitchen accessories, cookware, barware and much more. We have ranked Ozeri at 6th only for Tower fans, and for other products, it may stand at the top position for the quality of other products.

Tower fans made by ozeri have an aesthetic design and occupy less space. For design-conscious people, who don’t tolerate ordinary-looking objects with posh furniture in their room or office, Ozeri’s fan could be an ideal choice for them.

Ozeri OZF3 and Ozeri OZF1 are one of the finest Tower fans available for versatile use – we have reviewed each of them in detail in our blog ‘ Best Tower fans’.

Ozeri is a credible brand to buy Tower fans as the company has designed several eco-friendly products for worldwide use with innovative material, leading to durable construction. Ozeri’s fan recommended by us at top have versatile features like Remote control, LED, height extender, etc. Moreover, if you have a tight budget, Ozeri’s fan could be the one which may give you more features in less price.


Likewise many top brands in the list, Vornado is a US firm based in Kansas, designs and manufactures air circulation appliances. The company was founded in 1989, and since then, it has been a prominent name in the niche. Vornado deals in air purifiers, compact air circulators, pedestal air circulators, heaters, and other similar products.

Not only Vornado’s fans, but its heater and other appliances have been used and reviewed as useful by users. Vornado Tower fans are not unknown to anyone, as the company has manufactured various models of Tower fans, varying in features, price, nevertheless, of very fine quality.

Vornado FA1-0024-06 reviewed by us in detail will give you a comprehensive view of the fan’s features including its weight, height, security measures, area it needs and other necessary details you may want to go through before purchasing it. By no means, Vornado is a small brand, and its fans can be trusted as reliable.

If you feel Vornado has the right Tower fans for you, you may give it priority over others. Check out our list of Best Vornado Tower Fans.


While comparing two same products but of different features and brand, there’s nothing like a ‘perfect solution’. A product that you see as the best, conversely, the other person could consider it as the worst. It all boils down to one’s personal preferences, use and budget. While buying a Tower fan, people’s needs differ – some buy it for a warehouse, while some keep it as a cooling machine and a fancy piece of decoration to amplify the grandeur of their room.

Nevertheless, we tried to cover all aspects in our blog – from its design to prices, and features to brands, every idea has been eloquently communicated to readers. Based on reviews and data available, we discussed the best Tower Fans available to buy online (see the Best Tower fan list at top), their prices and features.

If we conclude things up here, almost all Tower fans have pros and cons, and of course, features, according to their price. The ball is in your court now, which Tower fan you find as the best available choice, within your budget.