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Summer is inevitable, whether you live in Asia or Europe, the summer brings equal amounts of sweat and humidity for both regions – thanks to global warming. Heat waves are common now, people struggle to combat with heat if they don’t have the right device.

Being resident of a part of the world where heat waves are common and summer brings excessive humidity, I have also suffered from ruthless consequences of not having a cooling and air blowing device.

Or I should say, the right device.

But how would you choose the right device? I mean someone on a little budget can hardly afford to buy an AC or inventor for the money they have, let alone the maintenance.

Thus, there began my quest, a quest for finding cheap cooling solutions. This page is property of a blogger who is enthusiastic about learning cheap cooling solutions.

And guess what, the most feasible solution to me were tower fans.

Cheap, space saving and easy to maintain!!!

But how do you find a tower fan? Lots of people are stuck between the myriad of choices available, and often they end up buying the wrong product, or in other words, they could buy a better product in the same money.

My curiosity, i.e. to find cheap cooling devices had another incentive to start working in a broader range and conduct a thorough research on different types of cooling devices.

Before I started writing anything, I learnt about the needs of people and different types of cooling devices available in the market, only then I became able to comprehend the whole scenario. What people need and what these fans offer.

Upon surfing for days, I was blown up by the variety available only in tower fans. One can easily be caught between whether to buy a simple tower fan or a tower fan with a heater.

Also, I learned about common mistakes made by people while buying a tower fan. I knew, this is something that needs to be resolved and I had the chance to present solutions for these.

So, in this blog, you’ll find the right choice of cooling devices and fans available, how they work and how they are different from each other.

If you are looking for effective solutions to help you to combat summer heat in the most efficient manner, you’ll find a detailed guide on how to choose a tower fan or when you should choose a tower fan.

We are here to listen to your every suggestion and answer every query via email or social media.