Best Bladeless Tower Fans 2021

A bladeless tower fan is the best tower fan you can have if you are concerned about the safety of your pets and kids. Bladeless tower fans have become widely popular because of their safe design and effective cooling performance. Despite having no blades these fans do the job nicely and are even more powerful than fans with blades.

These fans have a few more advantages as well. They consume less energy, are easy to maintain and have aesthetic designs – for not having blades. The only thing that keeps people away from these fans is their high prices.

In this post we’ll discuss the best brands that make bladeless tower fans along with their features, pros and cons to leave you with an ambiguous notion on how they work and which one is the best at the end of this post.

Dyson is the Best in the Business

When it comes to tower fans, Dyson is probably the most famous brand and it deserves to be. The variety of tower fans it has made – in terms of quality and price – no other brand is near to it. Whether it’s the tower fans with air purifiers or WiFi enabled ones, Dyson has come up with some ingenious ideas in its tower fans.

The same goes for bladeless fans. Dyson has made some of the finest and safest bladeless tower fans that one would enjoy keeping at home considering its aesthetic design and its stupendous performance.

I have already reviewed some of the best bladeless Dyson tower fans. If you want to know more about them, read here.

Looking for Cheaper Bladeless fans?

Well, I know Dyson tower fans are not the most budget-friendly ones out there. But one can’t deny the fact that their fans are of top-notch quality and higher prices are fully justified given that they are durable and powerful. Though if you are looking for some inexpensive bladeless tower fans, I have a few of them to show you.

Ocean Loong AB01

If you think this fan would prove to be equally good as any Dyson tower fan, then you are wrong. However, for someone with a low budget, this is a pretty decent tower fan with no blades. It comes with a remote control that allows you to control the fan from your chosen spot in the room.

It features a sleep timer which is very handy for programming the fan to turn off automatically while you are asleep. The timer range starts from 1 minute and goes up to 8 hours, which is enough for utilizing this feature at night or any time of day.

The Ocean Loong AB01 features streamlined air channels for reduced airflow turbulence and ensures quieter environment to let people have a good sleep.


  • Cheap


  • No warranty of any component

Cooler Evaporative

Cooler Evaporative is an ‘OK’ sort of thing if you are looking for an inexpensive substitute for Dyson bladeless fans. It has a decent design, which saves you some space and looks good with your office/room decor.

It features an air purifier that can remove up to 99.95% of harmful ultrafine particles as small as 0.1 microns. It captures toxic fumes and odours and improves the quality of air. It is a very lightweight fan which makes it easier for anyone to carry it from one room to another.

For powerful flow of air, this fan features air multiplier technology that draws in surrounding air and channels its direction to create areas of low pressure. In this way, it ensures a powerful stream of smooth cooling air.

Though you can’t expect it to reach the quality level of Dyson fans, still, it is not a bad choice if you look at its budget-friendly price.


  • Air Purification


  • Noisy and not really powerful

Lasko AC615

Beat the heat with your Lasko AC615 – it features 4 quiet speed modes and patented blower technology. Since this fan is bladeless, you can keep it anywhere in your home – absolutely no worries regarding the safety of pets and toddlers.

It’s a very slim fan, so it will definitely save you some space and would make a decent match with your room’s decor. You can set the timer or change the speed of air by using a remote control that comes with it.

This is a delicate fan and must be kept with care. Even small bumps and falls can result in irreversible damage. Once again, I’m reminding you that this fan is not as good as Dyson fans. However, it is still a very feasible substitute for Dyson bladeless fans.


  • Nice design and features


  • Noisy and delicate

Geek Aire Fan

It is an inexpensive bladeless fan which is backed by a 2-year warranty. Normally, such inexpensive fans don’t offer any warranty, but this fan has, which is one of its benefits. It features a single tube bladeless design with a new generation of turbo air compressor.

Like many of the Dyson bladeless fans, it can be connected to the Alexa or Google Home Voice Service to turn on/off the fan. In addition, you can also control the fan speed with voice. Since it is WiFi enabled, you can control it from outside as well.

This fan offers 90 degree oscillation for whole room cooling and 9 speed settings along with three breeze options. All in all, this budget-friendly fan seems to be a decent substitute for top-notch quality Dyson bladeless fans.


  • 2-year warranty


  • Several complaints regarding remote control

Buyer’s Guide for Bladeless Tower Fans

When you are spending your hard-earned cash on a bladeless tower fan, it is worth learning what factors one should consider while buying a bladeless tower fan. Though there are some inexpensive bladeless tower fans available, I recommend you to always look for the premium quality ones – or in other words, Dyson Tower fans.

Despite the fact Dyson tower fans are a little expensive but one can be sure that his spent cash won’t go in vain as their fans are durable and better in every aspect, compared to other cheaper options available.

So, how do you evaluate the quality of a bladeless tower fan? What things to look for while buying a bladeless tower fan? Here’s a detailed guide.

Even Bladeless Fans can be Noisy

Yes, you read it right. Bladeless fans can be noisy. Although one would expect such fans to produce no noise – because there are no blades – but as I have mentioned above in disadvantages of some cheaper bladeless fans, they can be noisy. So one of the first things to ensure before buying a certain bladeless tower fan is it is a quiet fan.

And where can you confirm it? Some of the best bladeless tower fans are reviewed in our blog “Best Dyson Tower Fans” where you can find quiet and effective bladeless fans for your home/office use.

Power Consumption

Although tower fans are considered energy friendly when it comes to electricity consumption, not every tower fan works this way.

Some low quality tower fans are bound to consume more electricity, and the worst bit is, despite consuming more energy their performance remains below par. Always buy such bladeless fans that consume low energy and provide powerful flow of air.

Height & Base

Not just in bladeless tower fans but even in normal forms one has to be very conscious about the free space in his room and the size of the fan he is going to purchase.

Normally bladeless fans are smaller and take little space, but it is worth ensuring that your chosen fan has the right height and base to be easily accommodated in the intended place.

How Does a Bladeless Tower Fan Work?

A bladeless fan is different from a normal tower fan, hence its working mechanism is also different from a conventional tower fan.

It has a brushless electric motor with nine asymmetrically-aligned blades connected to the rotor. It has its own way of creating airflow and then multiplying it. They are actually not bladeless, but there is a small blade hidden in the base.

If you want to know more about how a bladeless tower fan works, read here.

Bladeless Tower fans vs Normal fans

It goes without saying that if given the choice to select one from a bladeless fan and normal tower fan, any sane person will choose the bladeless one.

But why? What makes bladeless fans standout among normal fans. We are going to find out here what are the benefits of bladeless fans offer over normal fans.

Area of comparison Normal Tower fan Bladeless Tower fans
Noise & Energy consumption Consume more energy and can be noisy Less noisy and consume less energy
Safety Less safe Safest fans and can be kept in a house with pets and kids
Size They are bigger than bladeless fans Most of the bladeless fans take little space
Weight Some tower fans can be heavy due to the weight of blades All bladeless fans are light and easily portable


Safety is one of such things that no one would ever compromise while buying a tower fan. That’s why bladeless fans are preferred over normal fans, they are best to keep in the room where you can’t be present every time to keep an eye on kids and pets.

Blades aren’t something to play with, but how would you make the pets understand it? If your budget allows, always choose a bladeless tower fan over a normal one.

Size & Weight

Almost all bladeless fans are light in weight and of small size. Normal tower fans usually have more weight and their size is bigger due to the blades, which often makes them difficult to transport to another room or accommodate in a small space.

Noise & Energy Consumption

Normal tower fans are often deemed as noisy fans because their blades start producing irritating noises after a certain amount of time. This particularly happens in low-quality fans. And they also consume more energy while running as compared to bladeless fans.

In both the aspects, you can trust bladeless fans to make your nights quieter and electricity bills easily payable.

Advantages and Disadvantage of Bladeless Tower Fans

In general, there are no such disadvantages of bladeless tower fans, but only advantages, however, we’ll discuss some of the trivial disadvantages alongside its significant benefits here.

One of the biggest advantages of bladeless fans is they guarantee maximum safety. You don’t want to keep a tower fan with a blade at home if you have pets and kids moving freely from one room to another. Any toddler or pet with no idea of what he is playing with can get his/her fingers chopped off the blade.

Their aesthetic design is another advantage of bladeless fans. They can fit into any house decor, and are therefore preferred by those who don’t let any ordinary object to sit with the posh decoration of their room/office.

But besides their potential advantages, there are trivial disadvantages as well. Like some people may find their prices out of their reach, as they are higher than the prices of normal tower fans. Similarly, their maintenance can prove to be expensive. But if one prioritizes the safety of his family members and pets, these fans would feel worth the price.

Advantages Disadvantages
Small in size Expensive
Safe for pet and children Their maintenance can be costly
Aesthetic in design
Easily portable

Which fan is better, Normal fan or Bladeless fan?

Bladeless fans are better in every aspect, whether it’s the safety or energy consumption. In addition, these fans are smaller in size and have less weight for not having big blades.

Are Bladeless fans expensive?

Bladeless fans have slightly higher prices than normal fans. This is due to their efficient mechanism and safety features.

Which fan has a better design, Bladeless fan or normal fan?

Bladeless fans have aesthetic design because they don’t have blades visible, like we have in normal fans. That’s why they look less like a fan and can make a decent match with any formal decor.

How long do Bladeless fans last?

If you buy a bladeless fan of a credible brand like Dyson, you can expect your bladeless fan to last for a good number of years. Or even, it can last for a decade if you ensure its regular maintenance and keep it in a safe environment.

Do Bladeless fans have blades, but somewhere hidden?

Yes, Bladeless fans do have blades but they are hidden in the base. Based on their air-multiplier technology, they are very much capable of generating impressive airflow within the room.


So, did our reviews help you to find out the best bladeless fans available? For your convenience, we also walked you through a thorough Buyer’s Guide to assist you in buying the right tower fan that meets your objectives.

Moreover, we also discussed some of the benefits and small disadvantages of tower fans – there are hardly any such disadvantages of a bladeless fan, except their high price. Still, if you have any question to ask, we are open to answer your every query regarding bladeless and normal tower fans.