Best Dyson Tower Fans

Founded by James Dyson, Dyson ltd is a worldwide famous company for producing top-notch quality Air purifiers, Heaters, Tower fans, vacuum cleaners, etc. As of February 2018, the company had more than 12,000 employees worldwide, which speaks the volume of its credibility and quality it renders through its products in all regions.

In this blog, our main emphasis will be on Dyson Tower fans, or simply put, best of Dyson Tower fans.

If you search online, you’ll find dozens of different brands selling Tower fans, but not all of them are worth buying. Dyson is one of the few credible companies, manufacturing multi-feature and long-lasting Tower fans that can meet your purpose.

Tower fans made by Dyson can be used in small rooms, kitchens, offices, bathrooms and so forth. However, the variety in which these Tower fans are available is so great, we had to write a new blog, especially for recommending you a few different types of (in terms of features, size and cost) Tower fans.

Although we have reviewed top 2 Dyson fans that you should buy, in our blog ‘Best Tower Fans’, there are a few more Dyson-made fans we thought are worth reviewing.

List of Top 7 Dyson Tower Fans in 2021

Here is a list of seven best dyson fans for you to choose from.

Image Products Details
Dyson Cool (AM07) – 63456-01 Airflow Setting: 10Timer: 15 minutes to 9 hoursWarranty: 2 years (parts) Check on Amazon
Dyson Pure Cool (TP04) – 310123-01 Oscillation: Up to 350 degreesWIFI & Voice Control: IncludedHEPA Air Purifier: IncludedRoom Size: For Large Rooms Check on Amazon
Dyson Pure Hot + Cool (HP02) – 305570-01 Combo: Fan + HeaterAirflow Setting: 10WIFI & Voice Control: IncludedHEPA Air Purifier: IncludedRoom Size: For Large Rooms Check on Amazon
Dyson Hot + Cool (AM09) – 61874-01 Combo: Fan + HeaterThermostat: IncludedTimer: Included Check on Amazon
Dyson Pure Cool (TP02) – N475 305158-01 Airflow Setting: 10WIFI & Voice Control: IncludedAir Purifier: Included Check on Amazon
Dyson Pure Cool (BP01) – 275862-01 Oscillation: Up to 70 degreesRoom Size: For Small RoomsHEPA Air Purifier: IncludedNight-Time Mode: Included Check on Amazon
Dyson Pure Cool (DP04) – 310150-0 Oscillation: Up to 350 degreesWIFI & Voice Control: IncludedHEPA Air Purifier: IncludedNight-Time Mode: Included Check on Amazon

Dyson Cool (AM07) – 63456-01

Ideal fan for those who prefer Bladeless fans for secure operation and unique design, particularly when they have pets and toddlers at home.

This fan has been ranked as the third-best Tower fan in our blog ‘Best Tower fans’. To learn more about it, read here.

Dyson Pure Cool (TP04) – 310123-01

Like Dyson 63456, this fan is also bladeless and encompasses mesmerizing features to ensure maximum efficiency and enhance user comfort. It can automatically sense & report air quality levels on the LCD display, and has many more features to enjoy.

This fan is rated as 8th-best among 15 Tower fans of different companies in our blog ‘Best Tower fans’. Read more about it here.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool (HP02) – 305570-01

Dyson 305570 has three functionalities, with an aim to become your year-round companion. This fan will purify the air in your surroundings throughout the year, while its other two functionalities (heating + cooling) come handy in summer and winter. This fan has thermostatic control to improve its efficiency and minimize the consumption of energy.

For best air quality, it removes 99.97 percent of allergens, bacteria, dust and pollen from the air, thereby improving your health and environment. Moreover, the fan has a startling feature of capturing household odours or even paint fumes to provide maximum comfort.

Aside from its elegant remote control, you can control it from anywhere with Alexa and Siri compatible Wifi, ready to perform the desired function at just one voice note. Not to mention the Auto mode which monitors the room for airborne pollutants, and further turns on/off automatically to maintain the optimum air quality.

The best bit is, it functions noiselessly, no matter at what speed you set it, it will remain quiet.


  • Remote control
  • Timer
  • Wifi enabled
  • Air Purifier
  • Heater+Cooler


  • Small in size
  • multi-functional
  • Elegant design


  • Expensive

Dyson Hot + Cool (AM09) – 61874-01

This fan has dual features as it heats your room in winter and becomes a source of comfort by blowing cold air across your room in summer. It’s energy-saving feature i.e. thermostat is worth having in your Tower fan – it saves energy and maintains your selected temperature in heat mode.

The remote is very useful, it gives you the luxury of controlling the fan from anywhere within the remote’s range. The timer lets you automate the on/off the Tower fan at night while you are asleep, or anytime during the day to retain a comfortable atmosphere in your house.

Furthermore, it is very secure because this fan has no exposed heating elements, which can result in burning or awkward smells. This fan is bladeless, and to ensure safety, the machine is designed to automatically shut off in case it is overturned.


  • Remote control
  • Timer
  • Heater + Cooler
  • Bladeless


  • Safe
  • Slim
  • Affordable


  • Little noisy

Dyson Pure Cool (TP02) – N475 305158-01

This bladeless fan can be controlled even with your smartphone, all you need is Dyson link App in your mobile. To ensure the quality of air, its HEPA filter automatically removes 99.97% of allergens and pollutants. Not to mention the second layer in filter whose job is to capture household odours and make the atmosphere pleasant. Highly recommended for people with Asthma problem or other types of allergies due to polluted air.

The fan is extra safe as it has no blades, so toddlers and pets have no threat of getting their fingers or paws chopped off. Impeccable oscillation features make sure the air is directed towards the intended direction, while the fan is running on any of the ten different speed options available.

Safety features are pretty much the same as above i.e. the fan automatically turns off in case of being tipped over, making it super secure.

With remote control in your hand, it’s easier to use the versatile speed options, modes, and other features part of it. Compatible with Amazon Alexa, so that one can issue different commands through voice – from anywhere. While you are away, and you want the Fan to turn on before you return home, this feature will do the job for you.


  • Timer
  • Remote control
  • Air purifier
  • Alexa compatible


  • Slim
  • Safe
  • Elegant design


  • Expensive
  • May not last long

Dyson Pure Cool (BP01) – 275862-01

Another of Dyson top-quality Tower fans that have a sleep timer to make sure it does not run all night. A well-protected and durable HEPA filter captures hazardous elements including pollen and bacteria from the air, hence making it the right choice for people having Asthma or lungs problem.

Moving on to the oscillation parts, as the fan is capable of oscillating 70 degrees. The flow of air is pretty powerful due to Core Flow technology, which allows you to adjust the airflow according to your objective. For instance, you can use this fan for personal use as well by projecting air precisely over your body while sleeping at night.

Moreover, the fan is reviewed as a very easy to clean and maintain fan, so one can easily clean it without worrying about incurring any costly damage to it.

Another worth mentioning aspect of this fan is its design. This fan has a very unique and creatively devised design. It is slim, occupies very little space, nevertheless is still pretty effective.

This fan has a built-in LCD display that shows airflow level and filter life so one can adjust the airflow according to what he feels fine and change the filter if it is worn out. The filter is very durable and will last for at least 1 year if used 12 hours a day.


  • Air purifier
  • Stylish design
  • LCD display
  • 70 degrees oscillation


  • Slim
  • Long-lasting filters
  • Can cover med-size rooms


  • 120 volts, therefore can’t be used outside US

Dyson Pure Cool (DP04) – 310150-0

To save maximum energy, and enjoy appropriate temperature in your room you need a fan like Dyson Pure Cool 310150-0. This tower fan has sensors which sense and report air quality levels on a pretty LCD display, thereby improving the quality of air around you.

The HEPA filter part of this Tower fan captures allergens and pollution in the surrounding and protects you from several diseases which may make their way inside your body through the air you inhale.

Like most of the Dyson Tower fans, this fan has different speed modes so one can adjust the speed according to his preferences. The fan is designed to project purified air across the room at a fast rate of over 77 gallons per second with a 350 degree of oscillation to let you direct the flow of air anywhere you want.

Another important feature is it can be connected to wifi, thus, you can control it from anywhere you want to, be it from another room or from your office your one voice command will do the job – thanks to its compatibility with Siri. The voice commands are also handy for programming the fan to turn on/off automatically at the given time.

Moreover, if you have misplaced the remote anywhere, you can use your smartphone as a remote control. Dyson Link app has several options to even let you set schedules around your day, which further enhances the efficiency of this Tower fan.


  • Remote control
  • Wife enabled
  • Voice control
  • Operable with smartphone
  • LCD Display


  • Bladeless
  • Safe
  • Slim
  • Stylish


  • Very expensive
  • Can be loud at Max

What Factors to Look While Buying Dyson Tower fans


Dyson Tower fans are available in varying sizes, each size is made to cover and get easily accommodated in a particular area. It is important that while buying any of Dysons Tower fans, one must have an unambiguous notion about which size would fit easily in the area of use.


Likewise, Dyson Tower fans come in different weights because each Tower fan may have different features and a slight difference of material used in their manufacturing. And this change in weight may cause one Tower fan to feel heavier from the other. Therefore, look for the Tower fan which feels lighter, and is sturdy at the same time.


Height is another important factor to examine closely, while you buy a Tower fan. Why? Because inappropriate height for a particular use will steal your comfort.

For instance, your bed is a few inches higher than your extendable Tower fan, and even at the extended height the air doesn’t reach you, what will you do? Place the fan on your bed?

Whatever your last resort turns out to be in this instance, it’s better to buy the Tower fan that has the right height, to avoid any trouble in future.


The primary purpose of a Tower fan is to blow purified air around the room, so why does the design matter here?

Yes, the fan is supposed to blow the cool air but nobody wants to have a no-frills fan sitting in a posh and decorated room. The fan will be easily noticeable and mar the grandeur of other elegant objects part of the eco.

For this reason, if you buy a Tower fan for a corporate environment like for your office or for home use, make sure the design makes a good combination with other objects in that patch.


Tower fans are extremely versatile, they can be easily portable and used in multiple rooms of the same house, office, etc due to their easy mobility. For this purpose, some tower fans have built-in carry handles in them to make their transportation easy.

Moreover, if you have a light-weight Tower fan, you may not even need any handle. However, If you intend to move your Tower fan frequently from one room to another, this feature is worth having.


Any product you buy from the market, be it a Tower fan, beauty soap or even matches, the quality of each varies with their prices. The best product generally comes at the highest price, the same can be said for Tower fans.

Although Dysons Tower fans are of top-notch quality and have been reviewed as quiet fans, the level of their quietness may vary. As some fans are reviewed as dead quiet even at Max speed, while some make a faint sound while running.

To learn more about noise levels of Dysons best Tower fans, give another read to different models of Dysons Tower fan with their features, pros and cons discussed above.

Dyson Tower Fans with Different Features

Dyson Tower Fans with Remote control

Having a Tower fan which can be controlled through remote entails numerous benefits. The biggest benefit of a remote is buttons carved at the top or front of the fan remain intact and will last forever if you keep operating it with remote.

Another upside is, of course, you can control it from anywhere around, within its range. All the Dyson fans recommended in this blog come with a remote control to make its operability easy.

Dyson Tower Fans with Timer

More or less, this feature is part of every Tower fan of any brand being unveiled in the market today. However, if you look at the old models of Tower fans, this feature was encompassed in only higher quality and expensive fans.

Since all the Dyson fans we have endorsed in the section above have this feature, you can buy any of them. Also, we’ll see below that Timer in some of these fans can be set via voice command as well.

Dyson Tower Fans with Speed Modes

Another feature common among different Tower fans is speed modes. These speed modes are designed to be utilized in different weather conditions and the temperature inside.

Often, varying speeds of fans feel soothing, when the temperature inside has fallen significantly or sudden change of weather outside makes this feature very useful.

Dyson Tower Fans with Air Purifier

Six of the seven Dyson Tower fans we have recommended above, have HEPA filter which purify the air by removing allergens, pollutants, and other pernicious elements from the air, and improves breathing, and lungs health of people around.

If you are a health-conscious person, this feature is worth having; it will definitely save you from hefty hospital bills incurred by polluted air.

Dyson Tower Fans with Safety Features

A lot of people may think Dyson fans are expensive, but if you look at the safety features and other perks they entail, their price feels reasonable.

Dyson fans are safe and programmed to respond instantly to overheating, falling over and other problems that a fan may be vulnerable to. These fans turn off on their own in such circumstances.

For your convenience, every Tower fan we have discussed above is safe and can be trusted to be a long-term fix for your cooling problem.

Dyson Tower Fans with Heater+Cooler

A multi-functional fan not only saves money but saves a decent amount of precious space in your room/office. When winter arrives, the same unit acts as Heater, and you don’t have to cram it in a storeroom for the whole winter.

If you are looking for a similar unit, Dyson 61874-01 and Dyson 305570-01 are highly recommended as they encompass this multi-functionality of becoming a Cooler in summer and a Heater in winter.

Dyson Tower Fans with Sensors

Besides having an air purifier, a few of the Dyson fans reviewed above have sensors to check and update you on the quality of air. This is a very intelligent and modern feature, with which you can keep an eye on the air quality and make changes simultaneously to keep your eco clean and temperature pleasant.

Wifi Enabled Dyson Tower Fans

As technology continues to grow, there comes more innovation in our daily-use devices.

Several Dyson fans can be connected to Wifi, and in this way, you can control them from anywhere. Be it from your office, or you’re coming after a long day at work, via the internet, you can direct your Dyson fan to start running. Likewise, you can also turn it off from anywhere.

Dyson 310150-01, Dyson 305158-0 and Dyson 305570-01 reviewed above provide this luxury.

Voice Controllable Dyson Tower Fans

Now when your Dyson fan can be controlled via wifi, what about controlling a fan by voice? Dyson 310150-01 can be controlled via Siri, while Dyson Dyson 305570-01 is both Siri and Alexa compatible.

This takes modern Dyson Tower fans to the next level of intelligence, as they encompass all luxury features to function efficiently.

Dyson App Compatible

To further amplify the comfort of its customers, Dyson has made all its modern Dyson fans controllable via Dyson link app.

Dyson Link app is compatible with Siri and that allows you to not only control your Tower fan with your smartphone (in case you have lost your remote control or damaged it), but issue voice commands, set schedules, and use many other versatile options at your disposal.

Different Types of Dyson Tower Fans According to Use

For Home Use

To duck hefty electricity bills thrown by air conditioners and other energy-consuming cooling devices, people have taken refuge in the cold gentle breeze of Tower fans.

Tower fans are common in houses, as they are portable and cheap. If you intend to buy one for your house, we advise you to choose from any of the best Dyson Tower fans mentioned above as these fans have different features and are available in almost all kinds of budgets.

For Office Use

For office use, a Tower fan has to be stylish, powerful and loaded with different features to amplify your productivity.

All Dyson fans recommended in this blog have mesmerizing features, but Dyson 310150-01, Dyson 275862-01, Dyson 310123-01 and Dyson 305158-01 are highly recommended for office-like environment. These fans are slim, powerful, bladeless and elegant.

Is the Dyson Tower Fan Worth it?

Will the dyson fan cool my room as well as the air condition?

Well, to be honest, if you are buying any tower fan to work as a substitute for an air conditioner then you are wrong. No matter how expensive and of superior quality your Dyson tower fan is, it can’t be as good as an air conditioner.

Any fan increases the temperature of the air in the room due to the heat produced by the fan motor. Not to mention the heat produced by rotation of blades and friction of blades with the air. In short, no Dyson tower fan can cool your room like an air conditioner.

Is dyson fan better than a normal fan?

It depends on the type of use. If you are buying any Dyson tower fan for personal use or for a small-size room, you may find Dyson fan more effective than a normal fan. Furthermore, from the portability’s perspective, one would prefer a Dyson tower fan which is easy to carry from one place to another.

On the other hand, those who prefer normal fans over Dyson Tower fans can argue that Dyson fans with more air blowing capability are more expensive than normal fans.

In short, for personal use, Dyson tower fans are better. And for larger rooms, where you expect more powerful and widespread oscillation, normal fans are a better choice.

Do dyson fans use a lot of electricity?

No, Dyson fans take very little energy. That’s why they are widely popular. Despite being not-so-powerful fans, these fans come very handy in intensed summer days when one can use them anywhere in the home/office with very little electricity consumption.

What is so special about dyson fans?

There are quite a few things that make these fans special. First is, these fans don’t have fast-spinning blades. We all look for such fans that don’t pose any danger to pets and toddlers.

As compared to other fans, Dyson fans are easy to clean as they don’t have grills and blades that gather dust. And most importantly, they have features like HEPA filter, Wifi, Alexa and Siri compatibility, timer and airflow settings which can be controlled with a remote.

Final Verdict

So, we have learnt how big the ‘Dyson’ brand is, why are they credible and what are the best Dyson Tower fans available in the online market for you to buy. We not only walked you through the different Dyson Tower fans’ features but also unbiasedly notified their pros and cons. These fans have different features, their weight and sizes are different, so as their prices.

Now, which fan meets your purpose and is suitable for your use in a particular area (office, bedroom, etc) is to be decided by you. Moreover, cost is another factor that has to be considered, while choosing the right Tower fan – and it also varies from one’s budget to others.

However, we believe the information we have provided above must prove sufficient and a handful for you while choosing the right Dyson Tower fans for your use, and the pros and cons mentioned will give you a better notion about upside and downside of every product.

In a nutshell, all Dyson fans in this list are best in their own way as the objective behind reviewing different Tower fans in terms of price and feature is to make sure everyone finds the Tower fan which is in their budget or has desired features.