6 Best Honeywell Tower Fans

Honeywell International Inc is a famous company headquartered in North Carolina, United States, known for producing commercial and consumer products, rendering engineering services and working on aerospace systems. The company renders a broad range of services and is therefore credible.

In 2018, Honeywell was ranked at 77th in the Fortune 500 – top American companies in terms of revenue. Not to mention the company’s global workforce of approximately 110,000 out of which, 44,000 are employed in the United States.

In the race of producing high-quality Tower fans, Honeywell is not a new name. In fact, unlike other top Tower fan brands, that only sell electronics online, Honeywell renders tons of other services and is therefore famous worldwide.

Honeywell Tower fans come in great variety – just like we have in other brands. These fans are designed to cover different types of small and medium-size rooms, while their features vary from one to the other, so as the prices. The company unveils Tower fans with different features, and of price and sizes, to make their product feasible for all types of consumers.

In this blog, we’ll discuss best Honeywell Tower fans, their features, pros and cons to share all we can with our readers to help them choose the right Tower fan for their use.

List of Top 6 Honeywell Tower Fans in 2021

Top 6 Honeywell Tower fans in 2021 have been reviewed below.

Image Products Details
Honeywell HYF290B Speed Levels: 8Timer: 1-8 hours auto shut-offDimming Feature: 5 lighting selections Check on Amazon
Honeywell HYF048 Speed Levels: 3Timer: 1-12 hours auto shut-offDisplay: Electronic LCD Check on Amazon
Honeywell HY-280 Speed Levels: 8Timer: Up to 8 hoursDigital thermostat Included Check on Amazon
Honeywell HYF500 Turbo Power: 2 independently controlled fansOscillation: 90* Pivoting headVelocity Power: 40 feet Check on Amazon
Honeywell HYF023W Speed Levels: 3Timer: 1-8 hours auto shut-offDisplay: LED Check on Amazon
Honeywell HYF013W Speed Settings: 3Timer: Up to 2 hoursCarry Handle: included Check on Amazon

Honeywell HYF290B

This fan has several cooling speeds to allow you to set the one that is appropriate for the given time and temperature. The fan is slim and elegant in design, thus apt for even personal use at the office or home while studying.

We wrote a complete blog post on ‘Best Tower fans’, in which, its size, feature and all other aspects have been discussed in detail and it is ranked as the 2nd best Tower fan in the list. Want to have a look at its features? Read more.

Honeywell HYF048

This 8-speed Tower fan comes with versatile features and has a decent height to reach your bed and blow air at your chosen speed.

Due to its excellent features and affordable price, this fan has been ranked as the 10th best Tower fan in our post ‘Best Tower fans’ in which we discussed its features, pros and cons in detail. Interested to learn more about it? Read here.

Honeywell HY-280

This stylish, slim and elegant Tower fan is reviewed as a very quiet and effective. The fan contains 8 different levels of speeds – all of which are quiet – thereby allowing you to run at the precise speed, at which you find the airspeed perfect.

The oscillation and Breeze can be controlled through remote control, that comes as a part of it. You can direct the flow of air at your intended direction and set speed from your favourite spot, by using it.

Moreover, it has a digital display to make its penetrability easy. While you make certain changes, you can see each of them being activated at the LCD display. The fan also provides the luxury of turning the fan automatically on/off – thanks to the Timer feature. While you’re away or want to turn off the fan automatically at night, while you’re asleep, the Timer will do it for you.

To minimise the use of electricity and enhance its efficiency, the fan is equipped with a Thermostat to automatically shut off when it reaches the set temperature.

All in all, this fan is a great device to have to cool one’s room, that too at a reasonable price.


  • Remote control
  • Timer
  • LCD display
  • Thermostat


  • Affordable
  • Easily portable
  • Slim


  • Not long-lasting

Honeywell HYF500

Though this fan doesn’t have a remote control, you can still add a smart-plug to it and then add it to Alexa so even while you’re on the bed, you can tell Alexa to turn it on and off. Honeywell HYF500 is an affordable solution for all your cooling problems.

Moreover, the fan is easy to assemble – remove a plastic nut at the bottom, run power to your cord through the plastic base click and tight the nut back. That’s it, you’re ready to go!

By no means, this is an ordinary fan. Its two in one turbo power will make you feel the cold air it blows, even if you’re 40 feet away.

To create the perfect flow of airspeed, that makes you feel comfortable, this fan has 6 speeds & 15 different comfort settings. To ensure maximum distribution of air around the room, it provides 90° pivoting top fan & the flexibility of wide-area oscillation.

The fan is stylishly made and apt to be easily mingled with other items sitting in your posh and decorated room. At different speed settings, the fan remains quiet and ensures healthy, uninterrupted and peaceful sleep at night. One can use this fan even as a personal fan, or at the office’s cubicle, study table and anywhere it meets his objectives.


  • Quiet speed modesPortable
  • Widespread oscillation
  • Stylish design
  • Portable


  • Slim
  • Affordable
  • Can be used for personal use


  • Can be loud
  • More like a fan, not AC

Honeywell HYF023W

This small and slim, yet highly useful fan has three different speed modes, and perfect oscillation for personal use. The fan is light-weight and therefore can be easily carried from one place to another, effortlessly.

Despite its small size, the fan has an LED display to let you see the trivial of changes you make. The slimness, design and straightness altogether make this fan state-of-the-art.

Even the fan isn’t difficult to carry, it still encompasses a carry handle, which makes its transportation further easy. The fan is quiet and at max speed, the sound level is 52 dB (decibel) – which is not annoying at all.

Another exciting feature is its auto-off timer, which can be set to turn off the fan automatically any time between 1-8 hours, making sure you get uninterrupted sleep at night.

Its easy to push buttons allowing you to utilize all the functions easily and set all the functions as per your preferences. The best bit is, it is very affordable. Even on a very tight budget, you can still afford this fan.


  • Timer
  • LED Display
  • Carry handle
  • Stylish design


  • Easily portable
  • Affordable
  • Low sound level


  • Short life

Honeywell HYF013W

The fan is reasonably-priced and pretty easy to assemble – we still advise you to read all the instructions to make sure you have put everything together in the right order.

This fan has perfect oscillation features to ensure the widespread flow of air. Normally, such small fans are used for personal use, but one can also use it in a small-size room, if he finds it effective there.

With 3 different speed settings, it gives you a versatile flow of air, that can be utilized in different seasons and under different temperatures. The fan is reviewed as quiet in general, except at the highest speed at which it produces a little bit of noise which is never a problem. The fan comes with manual control, albeit one can use Alexa-enabled smart socket to switch it on and off.

Despite the fan is light-weight, small in size and can be easily lifted, a carry handle is part of it to make its portability further easy. For this reason, the fan is ideal for remote and personal use, as it’s slimness makes it easy for it to sit anywhere including the study table, office table, etc.

This fan will help you to save maximum energy, as it is made to consume less energy. It also has a 2 hour shut-off timer which lets you program the fan to turn off automatically.


  • Widespread oscillation
  • Timer
  • 3 speed modes


  • Cheap
  • Easily portable


  • Flimsy

What factors to consider while buying Honeywell Tower fans


Each fan reviewed above, is small in size and pretty slim, therefore we highly recommend you to buy these fans if you intend to use them for your personal use. Size is a very important aspect of any Tower fan.

Nowadays, people prefer less-space occupying but more sturdy and versatile feature-equipped fans for personal or home use. Honeywell fans are very useful in such instances.


The weight of Honeywell Tower fans is almost negligible. Though these fans are reviewed as less sturdy than other Tower fans, these fans are light in weight, which makes them easily movable.

For this reason, these fans can be kept anywhere, like tables, cubicles, and even on delicate surfaces because they hardly exert any weight on these. Make sure the Honeywell fan you are purchasing has a comfortable weight.


Like air conditioners, Tower fans can’t be installed at one place. They are easily portable. That’s why people use them in different places, at different times. For example, you may use your Tower fan in the dining room during the day, while at night you are keeping the same Tower fan right in front of your face.

And that is why, Honeywell fans come in different heights. Now it depends on your type of use, which one may fit your objective.


We want our fans to be super powerful in terms of airspeed, but at the same time, we expect them to be stylish as well. No-frill fans are rarely sought these days because they are easily noticeable and can’t be hidden in your ornate rooms.

Honeywell fans are highly recommended in this regard as they are small, slim, and have a decent design to make a good match with other objects around them.


The most frequently occurring problem in Tower fans is noise. Noise can disturb your sleep, doesn’t let you focus, and mars the benefits of other features (no matter how luxurious they are) alongside.

Honeywell fans are available with different features, and the level of noise they produce may also vary. Some fans are reviewed dead quiet, while some produce very little noise when they are set at high-speed mode. Make sure you have checked this aspect of any Honeywell fan before buying to ascertain your comfort level.


Portability is another important factor to consider, while you buy Honeywell or any other Tower fan. Honeywell fans are easily portable, as they are small and have very little weight. Some of them even have recessed carry handles to make their portability easy.

Honeywell Fans with Different Features

Honeywell Fans with Remote control

Several Honeywell fans come with remote control, while some have to be controlled manually. A fan with remote control is likely to have its manual control buttons intact and safe for a long time, as compared to the one without remote.

The reason is pretty simple, the fan with remote control won’t be touched as frequently as the manually-controlled Tower fan would be. And the Tower fan with remote control is also less vulnerable to bumps, scratches and other types of physical damage.

Honeywell HY-280, Honeywell HYF048 and Honeywell HYF290B reviewed above come with separate remote control for your convenience.

Honeywell Fans with Timer

A lot of people prefer Tower fans over air conditioners and other types of expensive cooling devices because Tower fans consume little energy. For this reason, Tower fans can have a substantial impact on your electricity bill.

Moreover a few modern Honeywell Tower fans encompass a Timer to automatically turn on/off the Tower fan, which further lowers the energy consumption. If you are looking for more efficient Honeywell Tower fans in terms of energy, we recommend you to pick one from the best Honeywell Tower fans reviewed above. Each of them contains the Timer feature.

Honeywell Fans with Dust Filter

Modern Tower fans are equipped with the latest technology that not only blows air around your room but also ensures that the quality of air is clean and not damaging the health of people around. Many Honeywell Tower fans encompass this technology, such as Honeywell HYF048.

The best bit is, the filter which is responsible to carry out this job is easily washable and can be easily replaced when it is worn out.

Honeywell Fans with Thermostat

Another step by Tower fan manufacturers to minimize the consumption of energy by Tower fans. A thermostat’s job in any Tower fan is very similar to refrigerator’s – it turns off the Tower fan as soon it reaches the set temperature, thereby preventing excessive use of energy.

Honeywell HY-280, that we have reviewed above has a thermostat for this purpose.

Honeywell Fans with Speed modes

Keeping user comfort in mind, Tower fan manufacturers are now increasing the number of speed modes in them. Several different models of Honeywell Tower fans have three or up to 8 different speed options to give the maximum amount of comfort and adjustment possible to the consumer.

These speed modes come really handy in different seasons when little bit of adjustment can make the airflow from shivering to warm, or vice versa.

Honeywell Fans with Safety Plug

No matter how tight your budget is and what your other preferences are, safety shouldn’t be compromised. To make Tower fans secure and long-lasting, fused safety plug is being embodied in Tower fans by different brands.

Likewise, in the latest Honeywell Tower fans such as Honeywell HYF290B, this feature is present to ensure maximum safety of not only its other features but also the people around.

Different Types of Honeywell Fans According to Use

For Home Use

Tower fans are more frequently used in homes than in any other place. Those fans which contain widespread oscillation and powerful airspeed are considered apt for home use. Moreover, if the fan is to be kept in the lounge, dining room, where it may be easily noticeable in formal gatherings, design is another aspect to look for while buying.

For home use, we recommend you Honeywell Honeywell HYF048 and Honeywell HYF290B as both of them have excellent features, elegant design and are slim in size.

For Personal Use

Honeywell fans are great for personal use, and if you ask us, we say you can choose any Honewell fan recommended by us above, as all of them are apt for personal use.

While picking a personal fan, we prefer those with small size, light in weight and basic functions. And all the above mentioned fans have these features, which makes them suitable for any kind of use, including personal.

For office Use

As said, Honeywell fans are versatile in terms of features and prices. So you can use these fans in the office too. For office use, where a remote control is necessary and design must not be bland, if not stylish, we recommend you Honeywell HYF290B, which has extraordinary features.

Besides its features, the fan has an intricate design, which would look appropriate in corporate environment.

Final Verdict

Honeywell gives you a tremendous amount of variety in its Tower fans, from its versatile features to its cost, so you can buy the one that meets your preferences. The fans we reviewed at the top, could be your best solution in summer.

These fans have different features, as we saw, some come with remote control and have thermostat to minimise energy consumption. While some of them are not rich in features but can still be a decent choice to cool your room, as they are easily affordable.

Honeywell fans are for everyone: including those who have little budget to those who aim to buy full-of-features Tower fans, regardless of the cost, as Honeywell fans are credible and proven to do their job in summer. Now, when we have shown you the complete picture, we hope that it’d fairly easier for you to decide which Honeywell Tower fan is right for you.