Best Lasko Tower Fans

As the hot breeze and humidity summer begins to show up and temperatures rise, we find Tower fans as our last resort, saving us from the scorching heat and humid conditions – not to mention the tremendous amount of impact they can have in reducing our electricity bills.

So, when you talk about best Tower fans which can combat such conditions, Lasko is the first brand that pops up in our mind, as the brand arguably manufactures one of the best Tower fans in terms of quality and features.

In fact, it is not just Tower fans, but Lasko manufactures other daily-use products like heaters, air purifiers, and several other types of fans too. Constantly innovating for more than 25 years, Lasko has established itself as a giant company, specialized in producing air circulating fans.

Lasko emphasizes more on the quality of Tower fans, and for this reason, you may find their prices higher than other brands, but the features they entail justify their prices. The brand is famous and credible because a large number of products manufactured by Lasko have been rated as ‘first-class’ and apt for certain use.

But which Lasko fan you should buy? Of course, you would prefer to buy the Lasko fans that are suitable for the place you intend to use it. For this reason, we’ll discuss the best Lasko fans, their features, pros and cons below:

List of Top 9 Lasko Tower Fans in 2021

Here is a list of nine best lasko tower fans which you can buy in 2021.

Image Products Details
Lasko T42951 Speed Levels: 10Timer: 0.5 – 7.5 hoursHeight: 43″Foot print: 13” x 13” Check on Amazon
Lasko 4930 Speed Levels: 3Timer: Up to 4 hoursHeight: 35″Display: LED Check on Amazon
Lasko 4924 Speed Levels: 3Height: 30″Built-in Carry Handle: Included Check on Amazon
Lasko FH500 Speed Levels:8 (4 fan speeds, 3 heat settings, 1 heat & fan combo)Timer: 8-hourHeight: 42″Combo: Fan + HeaterSafety Switch: Included Check on Amazon
Lasko 4000L Speed Levels: 2Height: 12″Cord Length: 5 feet long Check on Amazon
Lasko 2535 Speed Levels: 3Timer: Up to 7.5 hoursHeight: Adjustable Check on Amazon
Lasko 2511 Speed Levels: 3Timer: Up to 7 hoursHeight: 36″Display: LED Check on Amazon
Lasko 2510 Speed Levels: 3Timer: 7-hourHeight: 36″Safety Plug: Included Check on Amazon
Lasko 2519 Speed Levels: 3Timer: Up to 7 hoursHeight: 38″Safety Plug: Included Check on Amazon

Lasko T42951

Lasko T42951 could be the fan you are looking for to cool your room in summers, with its versatile features, including the speed mode option.

The fan has been reviewed in detail and is chosen as the best tower fan in our post ‘BEST TOWER FANS’. If you still haven’t read it and curious to learn about it, read here.

Lasko 4930

Lasko 4930 is the second-best Tower fan and encompasses features like 3 different speeds, Remote control, Timer and widespread oscillation.

The Tower fan has been ranked 7th best in our analysis of ‘ BEST TOWER FANS’. Read more about it here.

Lasko 4924

Plastic-made Tower fan that comes with 3 different speed modes for user convenience. Lasko 4924 was ranked at 11th, when we discussed best tower fans in our blog ’BEST TOWER FANS’.

The fan has a feature of built-in hand carry, which makes it portability effortless. To learn more about its astonishing features, read here.

Lasko Fan & Space Heater FH500

This unit will blow cool air in your room during summer, while in winter, it will keep your house warm and toasty. The fan is designed to create excellent air circulation with built-in safety features in the form of tip-over safety switch and overheat protection.

To know more about it, visit our blog ‘BEST TOWER FANS’, where it’s ranked at 14th among 15 best Tower fans.

Lasko 4000L

Perfect for you if you want to use it for personal use as the fan is slim and occupies very little space – though it is tall enough to blow air right over your face. Its slimness makes it suitable for personal use as one would like to keep it on their office’s cubicle or at study-table while studying at night, this Tower fan can fit everywhere.

The fan is made of plastic, therefore not too heavy to move from one room to another. With 2 noiseless airspeed settings, you can easily set the fan according at speed what you find comfortable and pleasant.

The fan comes almost fully assembled, and you don’t have to read complex instructions to get the ball rolling. Moreover, the fan is extremely safe, as there is a fused safety plug to avoid any damage to fan or any unfortunate damage that a potential short-circuit would incur.

LED-illuminated control is a feature that helps to operate it as per one’s will. All the options are clearly visible and can be easily seen at night when it’s too dark. Moreover, the fan is inexpensive so even with a low budget you can enjoy the cool breeze it blows.


  • Plastic-made
  • LED-illuminated Control
  • Noiseless


  • Cheap
  • Small in size


  • LED can be annoying at night.

Lasko 2535

The fan has 3 quiet and soothing speed modes that allow you to run the fan at different speeds and set the speed of air as per your comfort. Fans with fixed speed modes don’t give this luxury, and such fans prove to be of no use in the start of winter when a little bit of gentle air feels cosy while at fast speed it becomes unbearable and extra cold.

Standard Tower fans are around 40-42 inches, but this Tower fan is taller and slim, as you have seen in the picture that it can fit into almost any place. Be it your kitchen, bedroom or even study table, this Tower fan wouldn’t take much of the space but enhances your comfort by stabilizing the temperature around you.

Its oscillation feature is pretty good and allows you to direct the flow of air where you want to – if you want to cover the entire area, turn on the oscillation and the fan will blow air side by side. Further, you can adjust the fan’s height depending on the height of the place where you want to direct it.

For comfort-driven people, this fan has a Wireless remote control and LED display to make its operability easy and enhance its beauty. The remote control gives you access to Timer, to control its speed, that too from your favourite spot.

Timer is a modern feature, part of almost every modern Tower fan. In Lasko 2535, you can automate the operation of your Tower fan from half an hour to 7.5 hours, and save energy.

The fan is pretty easy to assemble, as the assembling of fan includes small tasks including assembling of base and pedestal and you’re ready to go!


  • Remote control with LED
  • Timer
  • 3 speed modes


  • Requires less space
  • Energy-efficient
  • Easy assembling


  • Can be noisy at highest speed

Lasko 2511

Most of the Tower fans which fail to survive in the market are the ones that produce noise. Although a little bit of noise is bearable, but when the blades start producing ‘rattling’ or ‘clicking’ noises, they become a pain in the neck. Of course, it’s impossible to sleep in front of such a fan.

In this regard, Lasko 2511 can be trusted. It comes with 3 different speed modes, at the lowest the fan is quiet, at the middle, it remains quiet while at the highest speed it makes a barely audible sound nothing like disturbing your sleep.

Widespread oscillation ensures an equal and perfect distribution of air around, while for personal use, you may keep the fan only towards your face to enjoy the cool breeze. With the wireless remote control, it allows you to control it from your favourite spot, and program it to turn on/off at its own, so that its overuse can be prevented and lifespan can be prolonged.

The fan is available in both plastic and metal blades. Plastic fans are usually cheap, while metal blade fans are expensive, lasts longer and require polishing after some time. While choosing between metal and plastic, keep your area of use and other preferences in mind to select the right one.

Moving on to the assembling part, which is quite easy. Almost all Lasko fans are easy to assemble or some may not even require any assembling. Likewise, Lasko 2511 is easy to assemble – just connect the 2 pieces of the base to the fan, plug it into the socket and enjoy the cooling.


  • 3 speed modes
  • Remote control
  • Timer
  • LED display
  • Stylish


  • Small in size
  • Portable
  • quiet


  • quiet but not silent

Lasko 2510

Lasko 2510 is very suitable for small rooms and even for personal use, like keeping it at the office’s cubicle. With absolutely negligible space it occupies, this fan can sit even in a jam-packed room, and its stylish design can make a good match with similar furniture and room decors.

The fan is sturdy and has electronic touch control to use its features. Its 360-degree oscillation ensures widespread distribution of air, while for personal use you may keep it at 90 degrees. For carrying it from one place to another, a built-in carry handle is part of it to make its transportation effortless.

Like all Lasko fans, it has a remote control to operate the fan from your sitting sofa or bed, and that leaves buttons on the front intact and safe. In addition, it has remote-control storage to keep it safe while you are not around or during the winter season in which you may not need the fan.

The fan features three different speed modes (low, medium and high), each mode is reviewed as quiet, while the airflow increases as you move from low speed to high. The best bit is you can set the speed of air according to the weather outside and temperature at your home, as all three features are controlled from the remote control.

Further, the fan meets the security standards and is, therefore, ETL listed. It has a safety plug to prevent any damage to the fan or people around in case of short-circuit or overheating.


  • Remote control
  • Timer
  • Safety plug
  • Different speeds


  • Slim
  • Sturdy
  • secure


  • Only suitable for small space

Lasko 2519

Lasko 2519 is a small and slim fan, ideal for personal use, however, one can use them in a small room/dorm as well as it occupies very little space.

Like most of the Lasko fans, this fan too has three different speed modes, so one can adjust the speed of air. The fan functions with absolutely no noise at low and medium speed and produces a barely-audible sound at the maximum.

The timer feature is very useful at night time, you can automate the on/off of your fan for up to 7 hours. The timer feature has one more advantage in any machine, that is, it can save energy.

The design of Lasko 2519 is elegant and would go unnoticeable with aesthetic furniture, unlike big pedestal and ceiling fans that are neither small, not elegant like small Tower fans. Due to its small size and lightweight, you can effortlessly carry it from your bedroom to the kitchen, or to different rooms for cooling purpose.

Remoteless fans entail drudgery of being around the fan to make trivial changes. Lasko 2519 has a wireless remote control that lets you control the fan from your favourite spot, be it your bed or sofa, you can operate from anywhere.

All Lasko Tower fans are extremely safe because of the safety plug embedded in them for safety purpose, making them one of the securest Tower fans to have in your home or office.


  • Remote control
  • Timer
  • Safety plug


  • Occupies less space
  • Cheap
  • Portable


  • Only 45° oscillation

What Factors to Look While Buying Lasko Tower Fans


Lasko fans are available in different sizes. Such fans that are of very small size are usually used for personal use. However, if you want a fan which is more powerful and can cover a medium-sized room, there are fans available in big sizes as well.


Almost all of Lasko fans are made of fine quality material and light in weight. Nevertheless, it’s worth checking the weight before buying to determine if the fan feels easy in your hand or not.


Hundreds of times we have come across the complaint that my fan is too small to reach my bed. Lasko fans are in great variety in terms of height, so make sure you’re buying the one with the right height to meet your purpose.


Tower fans are not only restricted to one’s personal use only, but certain powerful Tower fans are capable of covering small to medium size rooms, like office/dorms/kitchens. And the design which seems good for home use may not fit in the corporate culture.

For instance, you can use a simple-looking Tower fan in your kitchen, but for your dining room or bedroom, your preferences will definitely differ.

Make sure the Tower fan you are purchasing makes a good match with its surroundings and is suitable for a particular environment.


Albeit all Lasko Tower fans are portable, but some of them feature a built-in carry handle. If you want to make its portability easy, you can buy the one with handle.


Of course, you don’t want to buy a faulty fan that makes too much noise while running. But a little bit of noise when the fan runs at the fastest speed is unavoidable and reported in all fans. The thing is, in quality fans, the voice that occurs at maximum speed isn’t annoying.

However, one should ascertain before buying that the faint voice which may occur when the fan operates at maximum speed is bearable to him or not, or by any means is not disturbing his sleep.

Lasko Fans with Different Features

Lasko Fans with Remote Control

Fans with remote control entail a great luxury of controlling the fan from anywhere nearby. Fans with remote control have all the options available, and you can use them with a single press of a button. Lasko 2511, Lasko 2510, and Lasko T42951 featured above among ‘Best Lasko fans’ come with remote controls.

For the safety of remote controls and easy access, some of Lasko Tower fans have storage at the back/front to keep the remote control safe in it, while you are away or keeping the remote away from the reach of toddlers.

Lasko Fans with Timer

Effective use of Timer can minimize the consumption of electricity, and prolongs the life of Tower fan. Except Lasko 4924, and Lasko 4000, all Lasko fans mentioned above have Timer feature to automate on/off.

Lasko Fans with Temperature Control

This modern feature, part of new Tower fans gives insight regarding the temperature of the room, while your Tower fan is running. Hence, you can set the speed of your fan according to the current temperature of your room, and how quickly the temperature begins to drop inside, once your fan has started rolling.

All in all, this feature is a great addition to Tower fans, as it further increases the comfort of people around.

Lasko Fans with Safety Features

No matter what type of Tower fan you prefer buying, safety is the feature that no one would compromise. All of Lasko Tower fans are ETL listed, with a fused safety plug to turn off the fan in case of overheating. If the fuse detects any potential fault, it will automatically cut off the electricity to the fan, avoiding any form of loss.

Even if you are buying any other brand’s fan, this is a feature you should never ignore. If the fan doesn’t have this, it is not worth buying. Safety comes first!

Lasko Fans with Heater (For Winter)

Lasko has also manufactured a two in one unit (heater+fan) in the form of Lasko FH500, mentioned above.

It will combat nippy winter nights by warming your room, and conversely keeps your room cold in summer. Lasko FH500 is a unique fan, as it offers plenty of advantages.

The advantage of such units is, they take space equal to one Tower fan and does the job of two different devices. The second is, they remain functional throughout the year, hence, regular maintenance keeps them dust-free and smooth.

In brief, if you want a heater+tower fan as one single device, Lasko FH500 is your solution.

Lasko Fans with Carry handle

Though Lasko Tower fans are easy to move from one place to another, still, having a carry handle can make your job further easy. With carry handle, you have to exert very little force to drag or lift it. Even kids and aged people can easily carry Tower fan with handle.

Lasko 4924, Lasko 2510 and Lasko 2519 has a built-in carry handle, that too at very affordable prices, to meet this purpose.

Different Types of Lasko Tower Fans According to Use

For Home Use

All Lasko fans described in the section above are suitable for home use, however, Lasko 2511, Lasko FH500, and Lasko T42951 have such features that make them the best option to use at home. Nevertheless, if there is any other model of Lasko fan you fancy buying, you may. As said, each of them is suitable for home use.

For Office Use

For office use, we’d recommend you to give any of Lasko T42951, Lasko 2511, or Lasko 2510 a try. All these fans have modern features and sleek design that makes them ideal for a formal environment. Moreover, these fans have necessary features like remote control and timer to let you control it from your cubicle.

For Rough Use

Tower fans, because of their effectiveness and less energy consumption, are being used in different environments. From homes to offices, and in such places where Air conditioners are hard to fit and maintain, Tower fans have proven to be a lethal substitute.

For rough use, you need a cheap but sturdy Tower fan. We recommend you Lasko 4924, Lasko 4930 and Lasko 4000L to use in places like warehouses, shops, etc.

Final Verdict

As you have seen in this blog, Lasko fans have some startling features, and with every new model, these features have kept improving – who knows what they have got next. Anyway, our objective behind writing such a detailed blog was to share maximum information with our readers: what type of Tower fans does Lasko make, their features, pros and cons, and every single detail that would help you to choose the right Tower fan according to your use and within your budget.

Each of Lasko Tower fans varies in size, features, oscillatory function and of course price. In the end, it all boils down to the individual’s budget, preferences, and features one seeks in the Tower fan when aims to buy. A few points to be kept in mind while buying any of Lasko tower fans

  • Where am I going to use it?
  • What’s my budget?
  • What features do I need?
  • Do I prefer a fancy or a sturdy Tower fan or I need both?

Hopefully, with these things in mind, you will easily pick the right Tower fan among the best Lasko Tower fans we have discussed at the top.