5 Best Vornado Tower Fans

Vornado is a famous US-based firm known for manufacturing household appliances including fans related to air circulation. Vornado was founded by Ralph K. Odor in 1930 and since then it has been a credible name in the American air circulation appliances manufacturing industry.

Like other top brands, Vornado Tower fans are famous and used in thousands of homes, offices, including other outdoor and indoor uses.

In this blog, we’ll discuss top Vornado Tower fans. Like other Tower fans of different brands, these fans also come with different features, have different sizes, and each of them is made for a particular use. The Vornado Tower fans we are going to discuss here may differ from each other in terms of their oscillation features, energy consumption, portability, weight and design.

The objective here is to walk you through the best Vornado Tower fans in detail to make it easy for you to choose the right one and be forewarned about their pros and cons. Reading reviews before buying a certain product makes it easy to choose the right one, and that’s why have written a comprehensive blog post for your convenience.

List of Top 5 Vornado Tower Fans in 2021

We have made this list of five best Vornado tower fans for you.

Image Products Details
Vornado FA1-0024-06 Speed settings: 4Timer: Up to 8 hoursDisplay: LEDWarranty: 5 Years Check on Amazon
Vornado FA1-0054-06 Speed settings: 8Timer: 1-8 hour intervalWind range: 100 feet Check on Amazon
Vornado FA1-0090-06 Speed settings: 3Width: 3.8′”Height: 10″Warranty: 5 Years Check on Amazon
Vornado FA1-0069-06 Speed settings: 4Timer Up to 8 hoursWarranty: 5 Years Check on Amazon
Vornado FA1-0055-06 Speed settings: 99Wind Range: 90 FeetWarranty: 10 Years Check on Amazon

Vornado FA1-0024-06

This 4-speed quiet fan has astonishing features, including Timer that shuts off the fan after the set time interval. While reviewing best Tower fans in our post ‘Best Tower fans’, it was ranked at 15th.

This fan is tall, slim and intricately designed. To learn more about its features, including its pros and cons, give it a read here.

Vornado FA1-0054-06

This fan is a win-win trade as it comes with a warranty (only for US consumers) and is certified to be extremely safe. With a trophy-like design, this fan can make a great match with any setting, be it your office, dormitory or bedroom.

The fan comprises of Versa-Flow technology which enables complete air circulation even without oscillation. Moreover, the same technology also allows you to create a wide span airflow or you can direct it anywhere.

The fan comes in 5 different speed settings so you can adjust the speed of air as per your comfort. Regardless of the speed, the fan is quiet and ensures a smooth flow of air across the room. Voiceless operation improves the quality of sleep at night and lets you focus on the task in hand during the day.

The fan comes with a remote control and the luxury to control it from anywhere, within the range – be it your study table or bed. Using the remote control, you can utilize the Timer function which allows you to program the Tower fan to turn off at its own, between 1-8 hour interval.

This fan is capable of covering mid-size rooms because it possesses a tremendous amount of power to push it over 100 feet, thereby making its presence felt when it’s sweltering outside.

Considering its efficiency, the fan could be a great substitute for expensive air conditioners that may leave you broke at the end of the month after paying hefty electricity bills.


  • Remote control
  • Timer
  • Elegant design
  • Tall and slim
  • Widespread oscillation


  • Easily portable
  • Energy efficient
  • Powerful than an ordinary fan


  • Can rattle after some time

Vornado FA1-0090-06

This elegantly designed Tower fan is best for personal use. Its design is sleek, the fan is short (10”) in height, and 3.8” wide, all you look for while you are buying a fan for personal use.

With touch control, you can set the fan to run at any speed among three different speed features, part of it. The design of the fan is devised to maintain a steady flow of cool air for your comfort.

Moreover, this fan ensures quiet operation, while maintaining top-notch airflow alongside. Due to its quiet operation, you can enjoy a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep at night, while during the day it’s quiet operation exudes tranquillity.

This fan is well protected and is therefore Certified as a secure fan to use at home or anywhere. Not to mention its 5-year warranty for US users, which gives you the right to return the defective piece or if any of its parts wears out before the 5-year warranty period.

Before you buy this fan, keep in mind that this fan is specifically made to meet U.S voltage requirements. Hence, it may not work in other countries where voltage settings are different from the US.


  • Touch control
  • Elegant design
  • Portable


  • Slim
  • 5-year warranty
  • Can sit in small space


  • Can be noisy
  • Only cover a very small area

Vornado FA1-0069-06

Backed by a 5-year warranty, this Tower fan could be your long term solution in the upcoming five summers to cool your room or serve as your personal fan at your office’s cubicle.

To ensure your comfort, this fan has dual airflow settings which allow you to either set it at optional oscillation or V-flow circulation i.e. whole room oscillation.

The fan runs on a powerful motor that produces high air and pushes air up to 75 feet over, which is enough to soothe you even you are a considerable distance.

The fan is reviewed as very quiet and has a remote control that lets you control it from your favourite spot, including programming it to turn on/off for up to 8-hour interval. By appropriate use of its Timer function, you can save a significant amount of energy.

This fan has 4 airspeed settings, and it remains quiet on each of them, improving the quality of sleep and maintaining tranquillity at your home.

The fan is equipped with a chrome steel arch that enhances its grandeur and a carry handle to make its portability extremely easy and effortless. The carry handle further saves the body from scratches and other marks it may be vulnerable to while carrying, which can mar its beauty.

The product is certified as secure and suitable for indoor use, as it encompasses safety features to prevent any financial or other forms of loss as a consequence of electric fault.

One thing worth noting here is this Tower fan is made according to the voltage requirements in the US, therefore may not work in other regions where voltage settings are different. Similarly, the 5-year warranty is also for only US use, exclusively.


  • 4 different air speeds
  • Remote control
  • Timer
  • Tall and stylish


  • 5-year warranty
  • Suitable for personal and other uses
  • Easy to use


  • Remote is reviewed as flimsy

Vornado FA1-0055-06

A versatile fan to have in your room as it can be used both in a vertical or horizontal position, and that gives you the flexibility to put it anywhere in such a way that it meets your objectives.

Despite no oscillation, the fan is still a pretty good choice as its powerful motor can blow air up to 90 foot. The best bit is, despite being powerful, its brushless DC motor uses 80% less energy than an ordinary motor.

Sick of irritating smells in your room? This fan has an advanced carbon filter which absorbs common odours caused by pets’ presence, or smoking/cooking. This remarkable feature is pretty unique as very few other fans can eliminate odours alongside cooling the room.

For your convenience, you have 99 unique airflow settings set in this fan, and by using them you can set the precise airflow that makes you feel comfortable.

Alongside energy-efficient motor, auto-off Timer is another feature which will help you to minimize the use of energy. You can set the fan to turn off anytime between next one to twelve hours, allowing you to turn off the fan at midnight automatically, without having to wake up and doing it manually.

The overall fan is reliable including its easy-to-clean grill, which is backed by a 10-year guarantee and is safety tested and certified. Like above-mentioned fans, this fan entails warranty only for the US use, because it is designed according to the United States’ voltage requirements.


  • Touch-sensitive controls
  • 99 airflow settings
  • Power DC motor


  • Can cover a good area
  • In warranty
  • Runs in flexible positions


  • No oscillation

What Factors to Consider While Buying Vornado Tower fans?


Size is an important factor to consider while you buy Vornado Tower fans. The Vornado fans we have reviewed have different bases, and which one you may find optimal depends on the place where you intend to place it.

If you intend to use it as a personal fan, make sure the fan is not too wide as it’d not fit in your office’s cubicle or study table. Also, the base must be sturdy and wobble-free when the fan runs at maximum speed.


Each of the Vornado fans we discussed above is light in weight and is therefore highly recommended. Weight is another important factor to consider while buying a Tower fan.

Of course, there is no point in buying a Tower fan that is heavy and can’t be easily lifted. Another downside of heavy Tower fans is they can’t be placed on delicate surfaces.


A lot of people buy Tower fans to be placed just beside their bed, so it can blow air right on their face. If the Tower fan is not of appropriate height, this objective can’t be met. Check the height of any Tower fan before placing an order to make ascertain it has the right height.


Design is not the primary feature you seek in a Tower fan, but it is suddenly given significant importance when you are buying one to keep in your well-decorated room.

The Vornado fans mentioned in this blog have stylish designs. Each of them is slim, tall and has a well-crafted design that not only ensures the perfect flow of air but also exudes elegance.


Tower fans have to be easily portable, and if your Tower fan is not easily portable (could be because of the extra weight or height), it will be restricted to one section/room only.

Vornado Tower fans are portable because they barely have any weight and height is ideal for both portability and to blow air at a certain height. However, a couple of them also has a recessed carry handle to make portability further easy.


Safety is another factor that must be considered while you buy any Tower fan. This is where Vornado fans are extremely credible. They are safety tested and certified, therefore, one can keep them at home without having to worry about any potential incident in case of an electric fault, bump, etc.

Voltage Compatibility

Vornado fans are made to meet the US voltage requirements, therefore may not function in other countries. If you are buying them for outside USA use, we recommend you to check out the voltage settings of your region and see if they are the same as in the US.

So now, we have looked at some of the basic factors to consider while buying Vornado Tower fans. It is time to see different features available in Vornado Tower fans and how they can benefit you.

Vornado Tower Fans with Different Features

Vornado Tower Fans with Remote control

You need a remote control for your Tower fan, not only to operate it remotely but also to keep its manual buttons safe and intact.

A few of the Vornado Tower fans we have recommended in this post come with remote control for this purpose. These remote controls bear all the options from controlling the speed to setting up the Timer for automatic shut off.

Vornado Tower Fans with Timer

Thinking to put a break on your excessive energy consumption and expensive bills?

Vornado fans we reviewed above have a Timer to automate the shut off of your Tower fan. These Tower fans have Timer bearing different intervals from 1 hour to up to 12. By using this feature wisely, one can experience a significant positive impact of it on his energy bills.

Vornado Tower Fans with Carry handle

Though all Vornado fans are light in weight and easily portable, Vornado FA1-0069-06 has a carry handle to further ease its portability. With a carry handle, it becomes a lot easier to shift the Tower fan from one room to another.

If you find it difficult to hold and carry the Tower fan in your arms, Vornado FA1-0069-06 is your solution for this problem.

Vornado Tower Fans with V-flow Technology

Several Vornado fans are comprised of Vanadium Flow technology, the technology which minimizes the consumption of energy and improves the efficiency of the device.

V-flow batteries are non-flammable and reusable, discharging 100% of the stored energy and do not degrade for more than 20 years. This makes the battery life of Vornado fans long and the overall maintenance of fan easy.

Vornado Tower Fans with Carbon Filter

Do irritating smells like pets and cooking odours mar the quality of the air your Tower fan blows?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. This is a common issue and bound to happen if you use an ordinary fan without a carbon filter. Vornado FA1-0055-06, which we have reviewed in this list has this magical feature to clean your air, and eliminate all kinds of bad smells from your room/office/kitchen, etc. Not to mention thousands of health benefits it entails in the form of clean breathing, which eventually lead to a healthy life.

We hope you now have ample knowledge about the features different Vornado fans contain and how they can be useful for us. The next bit we are going to elaborate here which Vornado fan is suitable for what kind of use. Stay tuned!

Different Types of Vornado Tower Fans According to Use

For Home Use

When we talk about Home use, this is a place where one may aim to use a no-frills and affordable Tower fan, or it can go another way if you have a handsome budget and you want to buy a top-class Vornado fan. In either case, we have the right choices for you.

If you are on a low budget and looking for a sturdy and powerful fan, Vornado FA1-0090-06 is probably your best option.

Conversely, if you have a handsome budget and you want a rich-in-features, sturdy, elegant and powerful fan, Vornado FA1-0055-06 is the best option available.

For Office Use

Every object that you keep in your office, you have to make sure it makes a good match with the rest of the ecosystem. Therefore, for office use, you need a Tower fan that is not just powerful and loaded with features, but it has to be something special – like elegant in design, eye-catching, slim and exceptional in every way.

If you are looking to buy one of Vornado fans for office use, we highly recommend Vornado FA1-0069-06 and Vornado FA1-0055-06, that have versatile features including Remote control and arresting design.

For Rough Use

This is where things turn around. For instance, you need a Personal Tower fan for your working garage, kitchen or any place where it is always vulnerable to bumps and getting tipped over.

Now, in these circumstances, you won’t fancy buying an expensive and luxurious Tower fan, but a simple fan that can fulfil its primary role i.e. to blow cool air.

If you are looking for such a fan, we suggest you to give Vornado FA1-0090-06 a try. This fan comes at a very low cost, is portable and suitable for personal use.

Final Verdict

So, in this long informative blog post, we covered different aspects of Vornado Tower fans. In the beginning, we walked you through some of the best Vornado fans you can buy, depending on your use. The Tower fans we mentioned have versatile features and have different price tags so you can have a decent number of options available within your budget.

Then we talked about the different factors you may consider while buying Vornado Tower fans. The Vornado fans reviewed at the top have different sizes and are of different weights, base, area etc. The objective behind highlighting all the factors is to give you an eloquent notion about different aspects of a Tower fan before you order one.

And in the later part, we discussed best Vornado Tower fans with different features, as it goes in all other brands of Tower fan. Some models have only basic features while some contain numerous perks in the form of multiple features. And the last part must have cleared all doubts regarding which fan is ideal for your inhouse use, and which fan you should opt for if you are going to put in a vulnerable place.

All in all, we tried our best to clear any ambiguity if you had, before reading this post about which Vornado Tower fan is best for you. Now, it all boils down to one’s personal preferences, which Vornado Tower fan you choose for yourself.