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Best Bladeless Tower Fans 2021

A bladeless tower fan is the best tower fan you can have if you are concerned about the safety of your pets and kids. Bladeless tower fans have become widely popular because of their safe design and effective cooling performance. Despite having no blades these fans do the job nicely and are even more powerful […]

Best Tower Fans With Thermostat

With many countries combating energy crisis, certain brands have introduced thermostats in Tower fans and other home appliances to reduce the energy consumption and maximize the efficiency of these devices. Generally, tower fans are known for their low energy consumption, and with thermostats being introduced in them, their energy consumption can further be reduced. In […]

Best Tower Fans With Heaters

There are numerous benefits of having a tower fan. And all the modern tower fans have some astonishing features, adding more comfort and pleasant air in our life. But cool air is not the only purpose these fans serve, many tower fans now can be turned into a heater in winter. Having such a tower […]

Best Tower Fans with Air Purifier 2021 (Ionizer & HEPA Filter)

Clean air is very important for a healthy life. But due to increasing pollution around the globe, only a scarce number of cities can claim to have a clean environment. The cleanest of environments have been filled with visible and invisible particles, disfavouring our health and aggravating already existing health issues. This particular issue has […]

Best Mini (Kitchen/Desk/Table/office) Tower Fans 2021

A tower fan can be a great companion in summer, whether you are working on your office desk or sleeping on the bed, it’ll keep you nice and comfortable. Moreover, small tower fans can be used for baby rooms, bathrooms and other similar places for its compactness. In this blog, I’ll review some of the […]

How Does a Bladeless Tower Fan Work?

Curiosity is not something to be ashamed of, but one should be proud of himself for his hunger for knowledge. With so many things discussed on our website regarding Bladeless fans, one would imagine how a Bladeless fan works? How can a fan produce airflow without blades? Difficult to comprehend, isn’t it? In this blog, […]