Tower Fan Comparison with Other Fans

I have reviewed 100s of tower fans on this website, but before spending his/her hard-earned cash on buying a tower fan, one needs strong reason to trust them. What makes tower fans different from ceiling fans/tower fans/table fans/air-conditioners and all other types of cooling devices?

Although certain top-notch quality tower fans have been reviewed along with their top features on our website, some questions still makes us confuse that, what makes tower fans a better choice? Are they equally good as ceiling fans and air conditioners? Or one can expect a tower fan to work better than normal fans? Your every question is going to be answered here.

Tower fan vs Box fan

If you are looking for a simple fan with basic features and easy portability, then both box fan and tower fan seem equal, but in general, they are not. Even a no-frill tower fan can beat a box fan because of its easy portability and several other features that are only found in a tower fan. Moreover, even some of the cheapest tower fans come with a remote control that’s not available in Box fans.

There’s much more to compare regarding the working and other aspects of these two fans, so anyone of you who is confused between the both can decide which fan is the best for him. Find out a comprehensive comparison between both the fans here.

Tower fan vs Pedestal fan / Stand fan

The first thing that comes to the mind upon hearing the name of a Pedestal fan is its ability to oscillate and provide widespread airflow. Certainly, a Pedestal fan will beat some of the tower fans in terms of oscillation, but can a Pedestal fan beat a Tower fan in all aspects? It doesn’t come with a remote control nor do they have a thermostat for maximum efficiency.

If you are confused which type of fan is best for you, why not have a look at their detailed comparison? Here is the comparison between Pedestal fans and Tower fans.

Tower fan vs Ceiling fan

Ceiling fans are one of the oldest types of fans out there. These fans date back to 500 BC and even today, you’ll find these fans in shops, bedrooms, offices. These fans are energy friendly and cheap in terms of cost. But the problem with these fans is they are not portable, they need to be hanged with the ceiling which makes them less safe.

Read our detailed comparison between Tower fans and Ceiling fans.

Tower fan vs Floor fan

Floor fans are very similar to tower fans, except their size and weight is bigger and heavier than tower fans. Moreover, these fans are not safe for kids and toddlers at home because of their exterior design in which a pet or kid can get his finger injured by playing with the blades, easily accessible from outside. For being less safe, floor fans are cheaper than tower fans in terms of price.

Both the fans have been compared in detail here, our broad comparison post will give you a decent idea how both fans differ from each other.

Tower fan vs Table fan

Table fans are mostly used for blowing air in a small area or for personal use, serving the same purpose we use tower fans for. But there are a couple of differences. A table fan can’t cool the room like a tower fan does, similarly it is not safe like tower fans. Both bladed and bladeless tower fans are well covered from outside to maximize the safety of pets and children around. But in table fans, these blades are quite big and visible.

Tower fans are way ahead of floor fans in every aspect. Read our comparison between the two fans here.

Tower fan vs Wall fan

Wall fans are very similar to table and floor fans, but they are not portable. Like a ceiling fan, it has to be fixed on a wall – that’s why they are very rare now – and cannot be used anywhere else once they have been installed. These fans are quite effective in combating summer heat but not cool like tower fans.

Let’s have a look at which one of them is better in terms of performance, size, portability, price and energy consumption.

Tower fan vs Air Cooler

Air cooler is one of the toughest opponents of a tower fan. It does pretty much everything that a tower fan can do, but it is not portable. You can’t move around an air cooler daily like you may do with a tower fan. Tower fans are lightweight and small in size, for this reason anyone can move them from one room the next with no hassle. Moreover, there’s a significant difference between the energy consumption of both devices.

If you are confused which one of them is best for you, read out the comparison between both devices to reach a verdict.

Tower fan vs Air Conditioner

To be honest, an air conditioner would easily beat a tower fan when it comes to cooling power and results. But at the end of the month, your hefty electricity bills will either make your legs shaky or bring your tongue out. It depends on one’s budget, if you have the budget to buy an air conditioner and spend hundreds of dollars on its maintenance, then an air conditioner is a better option than a tower fan. And of course, you can transport it from one spot to another just like in a tower fan.

Find out here how a tower fan is different from an air conditioner and what makes it better in a separate article.

Tower fan vs Air Circulator

Air circulators are popular these days and are quite similar to floor fans, except the fact they are stylishly designed with blades well hidden inside. Their shape is the same as that of the Disco lights, and blow air around in the same fashion as disco lights move to send light in different directions.

They are not a bad option to have to enhance the beauty of your room/office and enjoy pleasant air flow.

Read why I have deemed tower fans a better choice than an air circulator and what are the primary differences between both.

Tower fan vs Air Purifier fan

A simple tower fan and a tower fan with air purifier serves the same purpose of blowing cool air, except the fact that a fan with an air purifier will blow clean air, free of pollutants and eventually improve the quality of air. Tower fans with air purifiers are common in the market, the good thing is most of them are bladeless fans. Dyson fans with air purifiers are best in the business.

Find out here how a tower fan with air purifier is different from and better than a normal tower fan.


While choosing any type of fan or air conditioner, one must ascertain that his chosen device meets his objectives. Moreover, its maintenance and electricity consumption won’t feel heavy on his pocket. In many instances, people make the wrong choice due to no research before purchasing and later pay the price.

In this article, I have shared with you how a tower fan is different from above mentioned devices. For a broader and more comprehensive idea, read out the above linked article to make the right choice.