Best Tower Fans Under $200

There are some luxurious tower fans out there with wonderful features, the only thing that keeps some people away from them is their high price. I’m talking about tower fans that cost under $200 or a little close to $200 mark.

It can be difficult to ascertain if your chosen tower fan is worth the price. But don’t you worry now, our experts have found out some of the best tower fans available under $200.

Best Tower Fans Under $200

Here is this list of top-notch quality tower fans available under $200

Image Products Details
Lasko T48310 Fan size: 48″Speed settings: 3Timer: Up to 7 hours Check on Amazon
Seville Classics EHF10133B Fan size: 17″ & 40″Speed settings: 4Timer: 30 mins to 7.5 hours Check on Amazon
Ozeri OZF3-BT Fan size: 44″Speed settings: 3Timer: 7.5 hours Check on Amazon
Airvention X02BR Fan size: 41″Speed settings: 3Timer: Up to 4 hours Check on Amazon
OZERI 360 Fan size: 44″Speed settings: 3Timer: Up to 7.5 hours Check on Amazon
Vornado NGT425 Fan size: 42″ and 33″Speed settings: 5Timer: 1-9 hours Check on Amazon

Lasko T48310

This Lasko fan is one of the tallest tower fans available. For this reason, it can be used in places where small fans can’t reach. It features 3 speed settings for precise airflow and every function can be controlled using a remote control.

The Lasko T48310 has received some great reviews from the buyers for its excellent performance. This fan has already been reviewed by me, to go through its features, pros and cons, click here.

Seville Classics EHF10133B

This Seville Classics fan is available in 2 different sizes – 40” and 17”. It comes with a remote control for controlling 3 different speed settings it features, timer and other functions. It’s an elegant looking fan that one would love to have to match the stylish decor of his room or formal decor of his office.

This fan has been thoroughly reviewed in our blog “ BEST TOWER FANS”.

Ozeri OZF3-BT

One of the unique things about this fan is it features bluetooth technology for smart phone protocol. It fan offers 3 speed settings and provides 90 degrees oscillation. The 7.5 hour timer and speed settings can be controlled using this remote control, allowing you to control the fan from anywhere in the room.

It includes a free app for remote control of all fan functions via your favourite iOS or Android device. With this, you don’t have to worry about misplacing the included remote.

This fan has come great features and for this reason, it has been reviewed among BEST TOWER FANS, of different brands.

Airvention X02BR

If you talk about durability and versatility, this 41” fan is a luxurious tower fan. With little bit of notion regarding the quality of a tower fan, you can imagine what kind of versatility and durability you can expect from a such a tower fan that has no complains regarding its durability. The more durable the fan, the longer it’ll last and the more you’ll be able to cash the money you paid for it.

It features 3 speed settings with 100 degrees oscillation, ensuring widespread airflow. These speed settings prove very useful in different seasons when neither too fast airflow feels good nor too slow. The fan has the right size to fit into any medium size room and prove to be a cost-effective and space saving solution for hot summer.

It features a remote control so you don’t have to walk towards the fan everytime you want to change speed settings, or turn off the fan. In addition, it has a timer for auto shut off. This timer works for up to 4 hours, and if used properly, will help you to combat excessive use of electricity.

The buyers have reviewed it as a fan that blows ‘tons of air’ that is enough to trust its air blowing capability. Powerful airflow is the first thing we expect from a fan and this fan serves this purpose efficiently.

The best bit is, this fan is ETL listed and extremely safe for pets and kids at home for its ingenious design that leaves no place for kids or pets to insert their fingers inside and do any cause any harm to themselves.


  • 41” fan
  • 100 degrees oscillation
  • 3 speed settings
  • ETL listed
  • Remote control
  • Timer


  • Durable
  • Versatile


  • Small problems with the filter reported


This 36” Ozeri fan defies both design and function with a unique dual oscillation system, ensuring a large air intake vent at its center. The narrow output vent along its outer edge enables it to refresh the entire room in a few minutes. Its 360 degrees oscillation paves way for widespread airflow distribution, making it capable of medium size and bigger room.

It’s a quiet fan with excellent airflow to make sure you sleep peacefully and such weird noises that are frequently reported in tower fans at highest settings don’t mar the quality of your sleep.

Moreover, it features an auto shut off timer to let you sleep well while your fan keeps running at your chosen speed and turns off at your chosen time.

For your convenience, it features an auto dimming function for light-sensitive sleepers. What it does is it dims the light after a certain amount of time, so you can easily doze off to sleep when the fan has been customized at the precise settings that feel comfortable.

And what’s more, its remote control turns out to be a real bonus with all these functions at your service. The remote control has a timer mode, natural mode, sleep mode which will do everything based on your preferences – from your favourite spot!


  • 36” fan
  • 360 degrees oscillation
  • 3 speed settings
  • Timer
  • Remote control
  • LED lit control panel


  • Stylish
  • Feature rich


  • Not conventional design

Vornado NGT425

This Vornado fan is a feature rich fan with some great options available to help you in setting up the environment as per your preferences. It is available in 42” and 33” size and features a sleek and slim design to be easily placed anywhere from bedroom to office’s cubicle, occupying very little space.

It comes with 5 speed settings, with a basic objective to provide you precise flow of air that feels comfortable in the present season and temperature outside. Moreover, with a 1-8 hour timer it becomes energy-efficient and turns off automatically as per your instructions.

And all these amazing features can be controlled using a remote control from your favourite spot. The only flaw reviewed in the remote control is its inconvenience design, and it is little too small, can be easily lost.

But there is nothing to worry about when you have touch sensitive controls at your disposal. These controls are more user-friendly and allow you to control all the features easily. The best part is, this fan comes with a 5 year warranty, which makes it a reliable investment.

One important thing to note here about this fan is it is built to meet US voltage requirements, and is only warrantied for use in the USA.


  • Available in 42” size and 33” size
  • 5 speed settings
  • Remote control
  • Timer
  • 5 year warranty (only for USA use)


  • Stylish design
  • Good for any decor


  • No oscillation


Of course, nobody wants to spend a considerable amount of $200 on any ordinary fan. It can be difficult to choose the right tower fan even when you have a high budget. But with these recommendations in mind, I’m sure it’ll be easier for you now to choose a tower fan that is complete in every aspect. Because with this budget, you really deserve to have a fan that is impeccable!