Best Tower Fans With Heaters

There are numerous benefits of having a tower fan. And all the modern tower fans have some astonishing features, adding more comfort and pleasant air in our life.

But cool air is not the only purpose these fans serve, many tower fans now can be turned into a heater in winter. Having such a tower fan is a real luxury, as it saves space and proves cost-effective heating and cooling devices in the long term.

In this blog, I’ll review some of the best tower fans with a heater that you can buy in 2021.

Dyson Pure Hot (HP01) – 311383-01

This Dyson fan will blow cool air in your room in summer and function as a heater in chilly winter. The best thing is, it blows purified air which is necessary for your health. In addition, this fan has been certified for asthma and allergy friendly and was awarded with quiet Mark accreditation. For air purification, it uses HEPA filter which is capable of capturing 99.97 percent of allergens.

With up to 350 degrees of oscillation, you can enjoy widespread airflow where you need it. And you can keep this tower fan in your room with no safety hazards at all because this is a bladeless fan. A bladeless fan is the best you can have in your home if you are concerned about the safety of your pets and toddlers.

Like all the premium quality tower fans, this fan also features a timer which comes really handy for not only programming the fan to turn off automatically while you are asleep, but it’ll also help you to reduce your electricity bill. It features a remote control with a decent user interface to make its operatibility easier for everyone.

With this fan, you get the opportunity to set the precise air speed that you feel comfortable. It has 10 air speed options, which is enough for someone who feels annoyed at a fan for being little under or over speed. The same goes for its heating speed. This fan is extremely safe as it is programmed to turn off automatically in case of being tipped over to avoid any damage.


  • Heater+Fan
  • Air Purifier
  • 350-degree oscillation
  • Certified asthma and allergy friendly
  • Bladeless
  • 10 air speed settings
  • Remote control
  • Timer


  • Safe for pets and toddlers
  • Nice design
  • Multi functional


  • Expensive

Also read about some other Dyson fans – AM09 and HP02 – which we have reviewed in our blog “Best Dyson Tower fans”.

And Dyson Pure HOT (HP01) is not the only tower fan which I think should be deemed as the no.1 fan. But there are a couple of fans that you may find equally good as this one.

Lasko FH500

Lasko FH500 features a slim and sleek design which is best for those who have little space for keeping their Tower fan.

Despite being a small size fan, it’s a multifunctional fan that does the cooling job nicely in summer and a reliable heater in nippy winter nights. It produces the right amount of white noise at bedside for sleeping.

This fan has been reviewed in detail in our blog “Best Tower Fans” where it has been featured at number 14, if you want to find more about its amazing features, give it a read.


  • Slim
  • Multi functional
  • Quiet


  • Heater can melt plastic housing
  • Several complaints regarding remote’s performance


U Ultty features a unique design. This type of design is very uncommon among tower fans and resembles modems. However, this type of design is best if you have a little space to accommodate your fan. It is a multi functional fan that does the heating and cooling job well, proving to be a cost-effective solution in the long term.

It offers 9-speeds for cool mode and 4-speeds for warm mode, allowing you to set the right speed of heating/cooling as per your comfort.

We have reviewed this fan in detail in our blog “Best Tower Fans With Thermostat”. Have a look at it and decide yourself if this fan+heater is worth buying or not.


  • Slim
  • Quiet


  • Not durable

Buyer’s Guide for Tower Fans with Heaters

We have discussed cooling features of tower fans quite a few times. It’s time to discuss their heating abilities.

These tower fans are built on an intricate and diligent mechanism that is bound to cost you a little more than a simple Tower fan. But if you want to save some space – that you won’t if you buy a separate fan and a heater – such fans are a cost-effective solution for you.

But are Tower fans with heaters good enough to last long? What are the things to look at while buying a Tower fan?

Here, I’m going to discuss some of the factors that one must consider while buying a tower fan with a heater.

Space Saver

It is obvious that you are buying a Fan+Heater to save some space by using the same device as a cooler in summer and heater in winter. So what’s the use of buying a fan that is too big? With the size of your room/office in mind, make sure you are buying a fan that would be easy to accomodate in the given space.

Moreover, for those who use a Tower fan for personal use, like keeping it right beside their bed to blow air straight on to their face. In this case, you need a fan with appropriate height. A smaller tower fan wouldn’t be able to blow air after a certain height.

You Need a Remote Control

Well, this is something we have discussed numerous times while reviewing “Best Tower Fans” you can buy in 2021. And the same is true for tower fans with heaters. You need a remote control for easy controlling of such fans. Manually switching them from heating to cooling mode can be difficult, so make sure whichever brand of Tower fan with heater you are buying, it has a remote control.

Safety Features

Different brands have introduced safety features in Tower fans in their own unique ways. Most of the brands use a switch that automatically turns off the fan in case of short circuit or being knocked over.

Harmonising Design

Since the Fan+Heater is going to sit alongside your room decor, you’d like it to become less noticeable and make a decent match with the objects around.

The good thing about all Heater+Fans is their designs are good enough to be part of any formal decor. However, you still have to be conscious about the design of the Tower fan+heater you are about to buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions that are asked about tower fans with heater.

Can a Tower fan be multi functional?

Yes, a Tower fan can suddenly heat your room in winter, alongside doing its conventional job in the summer. However, not every tower fan comes with a heater. These fans are widely popular these days because of their multi functionality.

Is a Tower fan with a heater safe?

Yes, they are. You can trust tower fans with heaters to be equally safe as normal tower fans are. However, I recommend buying a bladeless fan if you are concerned about the safety of your pets and kids.

Is a Tower fan with Heater expensive?

In broader perspective, they turn out to be cheap because of their multi functionality. In addition, they also save you some space that you’d have to preserve for keeping a heater separately. In general, their prices are higher than simple tower fans used only for cooling purposes.

Which Tower fan+heater is the best?

There are many brands out there which one may find the best. It depends on one’s budget and objectives. In general, Dyson has some amazing tower fans with versatile features, available in different budgets.


A tower fan with a heater saves you some space and money as well. Moreover, maintaining a single multi-functional device is easier than taking care of a heater and fan separately. And your job of selecting an effective heater+fan is made easier by our reviews, which hopefully will help you to purchase the right fan that meets your objectives.