Best Tower Fans With Thermostat

With many countries combating energy crisis, certain brands have introduced thermostats in Tower fans and other home appliances to reduce the energy consumption and maximize the efficiency of these devices. Generally, tower fans are known for their low energy consumption, and with thermostats being introduced in them, their energy consumption can further be reduced.

In this blog, I’ll discuss some of the best tower fans that feature a thermostat. Like air purifiers and heaters, thermostats are another attempt by manufacturers to make tower fans environment friendly and more effective.

Let’s waste no more time and see which Tower fan is at the top of the list.


This tower fan comes beautifully boxed, in a tall box with shrink wrapping and lots of interior styrofoam padding. No assembly is required at all, just pick it up, pull the plastic covering off and plug it in the socket. You’re ready to go!

This tower fan is a heater+fan combo, which means this fan will come handy not only in summer but also on chilly winter nights, when it will heat your room at your chosen speed. This tower fan features 9 cooling speeds and 4 heating speeds, allowing you to run the fan/heater as per your comfort.

To control it, you get a well designed remote – just add two AAA batteries in it. The buttons are perfectly designed to make its operability easy. It offers a comfortable grip to play with rubbery texture and color coded buttons. Red button is for heat and white is for the fan. You can switch from the celsius to fahrenheit with just a single button click.

And it has an energy friendly feature – thermostat which will allow you to run the fan/heater at your chosen speed and will automatically turn it off once the desired temperature has been reached. Tower fans are already very energy friendly, and once controlled with a thermostat can have a significant impact on your electricity bills.

This fan offers 80° oscillation to ensure large heating or cooling space. In addition, you can turn it off automatically by using its Timer auto shut off function. The timer can also be set by using remote control without leaving your cozy bed/sofa. The timer function can be set from 1 hours to up to 8 hours auto shut off.


  • Heater and Fan Combo
  • 9-speeds for cool mode and 4-speeds for warm modes.
  • 80° oscillation
  • Intelligent Thermostat
  • Overheating protection
  • UL listed
  • ETL approved electric heater


  • Bladeless fan
  • Heater+fan combo
  • Unique design


  • No warranty

All in all, this fan is highly recommended. But if you are still not satisfied with the features of this fan, I have a few more tower fans to share with you that come with a thermostat.

Honeywell HY-280

The Honeywell HY-280 is one of the cheapest tower fans with thermostat available. The thermostat gives the current temperature, allowing the fan to cut on/off when the temperature rises above/below the threshold.

This fan offers 8 different speed levels and levels of quiet control. In addition, it features a touch button electronic controls and remote control to let you control the fan from your bed/sofa.

This fan has been reviewed in detail in our blog “Best Honeywell Tower fans”. Give it a read to find more about how effective it is.


  • Inexpensive


  • Short lifespan

Dyson Pure Hot (HP02) – 305570-01

This is a triple function fan that can also work as a heater, and is equipped with HEPA filter that takes out all allergens and pollutants from the atmosphere.

One of the impressive things about this fan is it is WiFi enabled; it is compatible with Siri and Alexa and you can pass on your instructions to this fan even when you are away. All you need is an internet connection and your fan will start functioning to cool/heat your room even before you have arrived back from work.

This fan Heats with thermostatic control in winter and cools in summer.

A thorough review of this fan can be read in our detailed post “Best Dyson Tower Fans”.


  • WiFi enabled


  • Expensive as compared to normal Tower fans

Honeywell HYF048

Honeywell HYF408 is a budget-friendly tower fan that features 3 speed digital tower fan with ionizer. It exudes the feel of a spring breeze throughout your home and makes the atmosphere pleasant.

In addition, this fan features a programmable thermostat which is used to control the airflow. This thermostat will help you to program the fan to turn off automatically and minimize the consumption of energy.

To read a more detailed review on this fan, read our blog “Best Tower Fans” where it has been featured at number 10. All its features including pros and cons have been mentioned there to answer your every question.


  • Budget-friendly


  • Can be noisy after a few weeks

Lasko FH500

It is an innovative hybrid tower fan that is not just a fan but a heater as well. This fan is designed to provide year round home comfort by cooling your room in summer and heating it in winter.

It can be used in the bedroom, living room, basement, kitchen or anywhere indoor where relief is needed. Its sleek and slim design makes it a real space saver and easily portable.

This fan features a thermostat for controlling the fan speed, which you can program to turn off after reaching a certain limit.

Curious to learn more about this fan? Find more about this tower fan in our blog “Best Tower Fans” where this fan comes in at number 14.


  • Budget friendly fan


  • Short lifespan

Dyson AM09

Dyson AM09 is a bladeless tower fan that features a thermostat for minimizing the use of energy. It is a heater+fan combo, a year round companion that saves you a decent amount of space and does the job very well. Its intelligent thermostat maintains your desired temperature in heat mode so no energy is wasted.

Since it is a bladeless fan, it is safe to keep at home even when you have pets and kids playing around the room where you have kept it. This tower fan is equipped with all necessary safety measures that you expect a safe tower fan to have.

There is a detailed review available of this fan in our post “Best Dyson Tower Fans” which will expound you further on its features.


  • Safe and quiet


  • Expensive

Buyer’s Guide for Tower Fans with Thermostat

A thermostat has become an essential feature in all modern tower fans, especially those belonging to superior quality series. Whether it’s a simple tower fan or a tower fan with a heater, a thermostat can be found on both types of fans.

While buying a tower fan with a thermostat, you need to ensure the following things to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

Thermostat for Cooling Control

This is a thing to confirm before buying, as many tower fans with heaters do have a thermostat, but it works only for the cooling fan. Normally, such fans have lower prices than the ones that have thermostat for both heater and fan.

It depends on one’s needs and budgets, if your budget is low, you may feel content with a tower fan that features a thermostat only for a fan.

Multi Functional Thermostat

Similarly, some tower fans have a thermostat that can be used for both heater and fan. The first thing you need to learn in this instance is how to use such a thermostat that can be used for dual purposes. Usually, such thermostats have two types of cooling and heating settings, which one can set up through remote control.

Most of such tower fans that have a thermostat for both fan and heater are a little more expensive than the normal ones. But at the same time, they can be very useful to reduce your hefty electricity bills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions that are asked about tower fans with thermostat.

Are tower fans with thermostat effective?

Yes, they are. In fact, they are pretty much the same as a normal tower fan but they just have one additional feature in the form of a thermostat. This thermostat helps you combat your excessive electricity consumption or further minimize it.

Is thermostat for both Fan and Heater?

In some tower fans it can be used for both. While in some fans a thermostat only works for a fan. Make sure you read everything in the description regarding the thermostat’s working to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

Are tower fans with thermostat expensive?

There isn’t much difference in the prices if you compare a normal tower fan to a tower fan with thermostat. Moreover, it also depends on the functionality of the thermostat – if it works for both cooling or heating, or only for cooling. In brief, there isn’t much difference in the price.

Do every modern tower fan have a thermostat?

Not every modern tower fan has one but you’ll find in most of them. Even some budget-friendly tower fans now have this feature, which is why we can say that it has become an essential feature of tower fans.


After going through the numerous advantages of thermostat in tower fans and looking at some of the finest tower fans available with this energy-friendly feature, we can conclude that we need a thermostat not only in tower fans but also in other home appliances. A thermostat will help us to reduce our electricity bills and make the best use of energy available. And when I have reviewed some of the best tower fans with thermostat in this blog, why look further? Just choose one of these and enjoy fresh air at low energy consumption.